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Last week I attended PRNC and passed but not by as much as I hoped, especially on the 2.4k run as i know i did not achieve the time required at raleigh and also the IMF was a big eye opener. My entry date for raleigh is the 24th of November and I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get through it and prepare for it. Thankyou


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Have a skeg on the PRMC forum. Loads of training stuff for running, body weight exercises etc. But, with only a short time left, I wouldn’t hit it too hard as you may injure yourself. Just take it steady. Plus, obviously RM training is more intense, obviously so are the routines posted.
Hope this helps.


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@Locevo Don't forget you're not expected to arrive at Raleigh as the finished article as far as physical fitness is concerned. However, you will be expected to improve while you're under training and you'll be given ample opportunity to up your game.
Given your starting date you'll be enjoying a Christmas break, in the middle of training, for a few weeks where you have more opportunity to improve before passing out day.
Good luck

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