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Hi, ive been out for ten years now and its time to do something about my lack of fitness, ive just took up diving again and joined my local bsac branch so i need to get fairly dive fit, i started cycling about two months ago doing about 20 miles 3 times a week plus swimming a fair bit ,however ive just started running and its bloody hard! i did 1.5 miles this morning and managed it in 11 -38 ,so what would be a reasonable time for someone in their mid forties? cheers


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I'm only slightly faster than that and I'm 19 mate!

Just keep running, will bring your whole body fitness up by shed loads.
"i did 1.5 miles this morning and managed it in 11 -38 ,so what would be a reasonable time for someone in their mid forties? cheers"

That's enough to pass the RNFT at Good/ Very Good depending on whether you are under or over age 44. I'm a still serving even older bastard; I aim to beat 11.13 for 2.4 km (1.5 miles), that equates to the pass time for an 18-24 year old. If I can do their time I can freely bollock an unfit 24 year old for failing their RNFT. A good pair of running shoes is invaluable for protecting "old" joints, keep at it and you will feel a lot better for it but do it gradually. I've found that moderate, regular exercise enables me to eat as much as I like and still piss up, without turning into a fat bastard :thumright:
That's a good time for someone in their mid forties. Would advise that you do some non-impact stuff rather than just running - cross-trainer, bike, concept rower........mix this in with some running and your fitness will improve hugely. When you get in your 40's you do have to be careful with your joints. I shattered my ankle a couple of years ago and too much running can cause problems (ache, limp etc).
Hi Scapa,

Nothing wrong with your time at all!

It may be worth going to a specialist sports shop (not JJB, allsports etc) and getting a pair of trainers that suit your own running style. Most of these shops won't charge for the fitting, and you'll be doing your body a favour - we have to take more care at our age!
That is a flipping good time for the 1.5 mile run. I am 47 and managed it in just over 12 mins fairly recently, but I really prefer the bleep test (MSFT) and managed 9.6 in April this year. I have never been one for running long distance and by that I mean anything over a mile. ;-)

I tend to use the x-trainer or rower here at the Collingwood CV suite and it has certainly kept me at a reasonable fitness level. I still play football twice a week as well and find that helps. Unfortunately, I still ache like a bugger the next day or so and think my body is trying to tell me to slow down a bit. :) Trouble is, I still think I am 22.

Keep at it and as Tattodog says, getting some good trainers which fit will help a lot and also try not to do too much impact stuff as it does hurt the joints at our age. :)
That is a good time, like mentioned I am seeing a lot of young lads not getting anywere near that, running however, as I get older does affect my knees and lower back, as mentioned try less impact excercises, and if the bones do start to hurt I find Glucosamine sulphate a good supplement, if you want to get really serious, light high rep weights twice a week, creatine and maybe DHEA as the years role on.

All easy to get hold of, even Holland & Barret
Bloody hell! i will come here again, cheers guys, youve spurred me on no end ,i will stick at the running and try and get my time down to around eleven minutes ,i will also keep up the cycling as i think thats helped my cardio vascular condition a fair bit , i must admit i feel a hell of a lot better for starting to do a bit of training again, thanks for the advice
scapa said:
i did 1.5 miles this morning and managed it in 11 -38 ,so what would be a reasonable time for someone in their mid forties? cheers
We had people on our RNAC that failed to do the PJFT in that time, sounds to me like you're doing fine.
Didn't have fitness tests when I was serving RN, but had to do a three mile road run in combats/boots for bounty in TA. When they eventually changed it to trainers, I always managed under 22 mins, never quite made it down to 21, but did manage 21.07 on my last one - at age 57.

Have trouble running for a bus now!

Did my aircrew selection for air ambulance at 42 and did 1.5 miles in 9 mins so I was pretty chuffed as well.

I do suggest that you go see your GP first for a good physical etc before starting anything too strenuous just as a precaution.He can blood and BP checks and ecg etc and they also give out free /reduced gym membership sometimes as well.
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