Fitness expectations at Raleigh (M, 28)


Apologies if this is similar to a thread that already exists however, I’m male, 28 relatively fit and hitting 11 minutes +/- 10 seconds on my 2.4km run. I can confidently swim over 50 metres in different strokes BUT my circuit HIIT workouts need some improvement.

I’m doing circuits of push ups, sit ups, burpees, squats (regular, pulse and jumping squats) lunges and dorsal raises (not all in one go but sets of 3 for 10 reps of these exercises). By my 3rd set my form starts to slip and I’m breathing out my arse pushing myself to failure and exhaustion.

At Raleigh do the PTI’s gauge my fitness based on how many reps I can do or is it a test to see how hard I’m pushing myself?

I’d hate to make it to Raleigh to then be discharged for being physically unfit. I’m at the gym 4/5 times a week.


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I remember that sickly feeling when fell in outside the gym. Horrible. Especially when you knew that you were in for a beasting.

Just give your all. Don’t fidget, move or wipe sweat off.