Fitness center recommendation - Swindon!!


Hey guys!!

I am currently going through the application process - right now I am waiting for my triage call from the nurse.
In the meantime, I am working out everyday and researching and going over all the info I need to know. I am unable to work at the moment so I have time on my hands...pros and cons.

In Swindon - is there anyone who would be keen for a buddy for a workout/boxing/hiking/any adventure sometime? I am happy on my own but sometimes its good to have something planned or meet up with someone who knows what you're going through, and you can motivate each other.

Also, does anyone know of or can recommend any facility that has a Spartan Race set-up that you can go and practice on and get used to climbing ropes and jumping over walls etc?
My gym doesn't have anything specialised like that and I am unable to find something. None of the play parks near me even have monkey bars.

I am just looking to expand my workouts to different things and prepare myself as best I can.

ANY advice, tips, or hints are welcome and hugely appreciated!

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