Fitness attempt #2

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Sitmus, May 25, 2008.

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  1. ^_^;

    2-3 months ago, I made a topic saying I was going to get fit for the royal marines.

    Well, that's not been going to plan as I thought it would be.

    Problems in real life, drugs, alcohol, fights. Didn't touch any of the stuff though, i can assure you and was my first "fight" or what ever you want to call it in 10 years. Person had the cheek to talk shit about my mum having a heart attack, but i won't go into more detail than that, it's a long story. :threaten:

    Also been thinking of jobs, seriously, I have been stressed out on this for years. Until, i received a letter from the army about a army collage allowing me to study and undergo trainning at the same time. I looked at the marines website, and found the same thing (and Now i've lost the link :()

    This has taken loads of stress of my shoulders, and I actually know what I want to do for a living. So now I'm on a path to get fit again.

    Hmm, do they accept people into the RMC who where really fat recently. :|

    So yeah, this is my new training schedule (to fit in with my school time and coursework).

    1) 30 minutes exercise on bike
    2) 20 minute walk with dog
    3) 10 minutes lifting weights
    4) eat a lot less :|

    Eventually the times will all go up. Some of you may think "He's really fat, he won't be able to make a RMC". You might be right, i don't know, we'll soon see. I do like exercising, just that when we moved I didn't go out at all and now it kinda stuck that way. :( No one lives near me.

    Anyway, I've typed a crap load of stuff. Wish me luck. :rambo:
  2. :oops: Be gentle.
  3. haha, yes. I am registered to a gym, but that card for it has only been collecting dust. I'll have to use it tomorrow. :)

    I know about easing into exercising. When I did this last time I made the mistake of going on a exercise bike for 2 hours. :p

    I'm going to increase it every week. :)
  4. Wow. I forgot how much fun exercise is. It's a great stress reliever too. :)

    I've been reading about and watching videos of some of the trainning in the PRMC. How did you guys get on with it? The Tarzan Assault course looks really tough.
  5. When I was preparing to join the corps, I just ran alot, then did sets off press ups, pull ups and sit ups after the run. You dont need the gym if you dont want. Get a pull up bar for your hallway, its about a fiver from argos.

    I hated phys lol, especially after work, but you will improve alot in a short time, especially if you consider your phys a poor standard at the moment.

    Do you spent much time on your computer? if so set an alarm or something every other night at 8-ish and thats your trigger to get of your arse and do phys hehe. its worth it
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There is currently a Bursary of £1.5K per year available for potential Royal Marines Officer undergraduates. There is unfortunately no other sponsorship opportunities at this time, however there are University Cadet Entry sponsorships available for potential RN Officers.

    For a Bursary you will need to pass POC & AIB and have excellent grades at GCSE & A Level. In the past two years there have been a grand total of no more than 5 Bursaries awarded.

    Good Luck.
  7. Wow. Thanks for that. Don't think I'd make an officer. I have a friend who wants to be a royal marine officer though, and I'll pass it to him.

  8. Yes, I do. ^_^;

    But I found out something that is pretty good. To keep me entertained whilst on the exercise bike in our house, I play video games. The time goes by pretty fast. And by time I've realised it, i've done 40 minutes.
  9. So I've just been looking at the trainning course on the marines website.

    Some of that stuff looks tough. When you was trainning, did anyone fall behind in the course or assault course when you was doing it? And if someone did, would your entire company, troop or whatever (Sorry, I don't know the correct term) have to do it again? The only thing I'm worrying about at the moment is pulling down other people and slow down the company.
  10. Hey mate. You can get in the royal marines and you know you can if you belief. Anyway how much do you want it? If you want it and belief you can get stuck in and do the training (Anything is possible). Most people dont get in the marines as they have the lack of mental tough. One thing if you do run and you cant run no more think this to yourself, I will finish in a other 100m then a other 100m and so on.

    Good luck and i hope it makes sense. Also take alook or join that will give you more information aswell.

  11. Thanks for the link. I'll join up when I'm closer to when I join.

    And I do want it. I've never wanted anything more tbh, well, i might of but they're stupid things like games or something like that. But when I think about joinning the Marines, i feel calm and happy.

    If the marines have taught me anything by reading their website and watching some programs that used to be shown on ITV1 is that you can train your mind to do anything. As one of the slogans goes, It's a state of mind.
  12. Thanks for that. :thanks:

    I'll do that later on in my fitness. Not going to jump into something I can't handle yet. :p
  13. I really do want this more than ever.

    I want to make something of myself. I want to train my mind to the standards of a commando. I want to earn the Green Beret.

    Seriously, it's an honour talking to you guys. Real royal marines, hard as nails men. If I could shake your hand, I would. But I guess I'll just give you this smiley face instead. :)

    Real honour.
  14. 352 views and 14 posts, 10 of which are mine. :p :eek:

    Since you guys are all super fit (not in the sex sort of way :|) can you tell me if this is good enough start to getting fit.


    2 glasses of skimmed milk a day.
    Cut out crisps and chocolate from diet.
    Cut out crap like hard cheese, and chips.
    Two exercise bike sessions (20 - 40 minutes a time).
    30 Push ups before bed.
    30 sit ups before bed.
    30 15KG reps per arm.

    You think that's good enough start? Any tips for dieting? I want to eat healthy but the healthy stuff tastes like crap, except for fruit. :)

    Again, real honour talking to you marines. Really appreciate the tips and help you've given me. :)
  15. Mate it's good that you're doing something and that's the first step, diet is important so your heading in the right direction. What I will say is that you need to get out running, and get out running NOW. Even if you haven't run for ages just get your trainers on and do it. Start small, don't set a distance just go for a nice slow plod for 30 minutes without stopping every other day. Next week 35, next week 40 etc etc. You'll notice your stamina increase rapidly and the weight will begin to shift. As mentioned earlier, once your comfortable running / jogging for an hour without rest, move onto Fartlek, it's unbeatable. Also don't just exercise your arms, you need to work on your all round strength. Again it's never too early, you say in a couple of posts that you'll do stuff later on in your training, Fcuk that, do it now. Don't keep putting it off, you'll soon be happy training hard everyday, your confidence will soar and more importantly, that dream will become a little more like a possibility. Good luck.
  16. Thank you. :)

    I will jump in and do it right away then. :D

    When I take my dog out for a walk, i'll take him to the field and run for a bit. :)

    Been looking at my old topic here.

    What is the "Gronk" exactly? :eek:
  17. Sitmus. You don't need to be a machine when u turn up for your PRMC at Lympstone. Just make sure that by the time you get there you can comfortably run 5 miles in say 45 minutes, Get a fair bit of swimming in now and then and make sure you can lift your own body weight ie, 8-10 pull ups minimum, 50 press ups straight up and 80 situps in under 2 minutes. I wouldnt think weight training will aid you very much for your preparation you just have to be able to shift your own body weight. I would suggest you only use your bike for extra PT say for example you went on the Piss the night before or ate like a pig and want to burn some more calories off. Get between 2-5 miles on the road jogging everyday throw in a few pressups and pull ups and im sure you will enjoy your PRMC and training after that. Dont worry about being a fatty recently, I was a chubby lad when i embarked on training 10 years ago and it didnt hinder me one bit. You sound like you have a good attitude and you have your head secured to your shoulders. Good luck mate. Just turn up there reasonably fit with some determination and drive and the PTI's will do the rest.
  18. Yeah just did a bit of exercise

    5 mins on bike
    60 weight lift, 7.5kg per arm
    1 min on bike
    30 press up
    10 sit ups
    1 min on bike
    30 weight lifts 10kg per arm
    2 mins on bike

    I feel pretty darn good.

    I really, really, really do want to become a royal marine. I've never felt so good about anything ever.

    I watch videos of them, and think "I can't wait to become a royal marine" But i watch stuff like a blue peter guy doing the PRMC course and I think "fcuk me that looks hard!".

    And yeah, I have my head screwed onto my shoudlers. I ain't one of these people who cause trouble for society or get bad grades. I get OK grades and my family expect me to get a good job. But my dream is to be a RMC. :)
  19. I am taking all the advice, believe me. :)

    I'll go out running first thing tomorrow morning.

    30 mins at slow steady pace, but speed up at times the go back to steady pace. Go swimming, push ups sit ups.

    And what is the Gronk :p
  20. Off out running tomorrow morning then.

    Porridge then 30 min steady run.

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