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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if this question has been raised in another post already but can anyone who has recently completed Rating basic training at Raleigh please enlighten me as to how much running you have to do in the 9 weeks.

Do you do running every day, and also what is the furthest distance that you will have to run in basic training?

I have already read the training diary for Raleigh on the RN website but that doesn't really answer my question.

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Phoenix: Welcome to RR.

There are plenty of threads dedicated to this and similar subjects; just trawl through them in the Newbies section.
Phoenix does it matter? you have to do what you have to do, if you are worrying about fitness at raleigh, ask yourself this question ` why am i so unfit?`
higthepig said:
Phoenix does it matter? you have to do what you have to do, if you are worrying about fitness at raleigh, ask yourself this question ` why am i so unfit?`

I'm not overly worried about my fitness, yes it will be somthing that I will have to work on , but just wanted to know how much running you do when you are training a Raleigh, and what the longest distance is you will have to run?

I think we did about 3 medium distance runs, depending on the weather they can feel like long distance though.
You also do the stretcher run and your 2 mile and a halves.
Everythings hard; circuits, running, swimming circuits, assault/obstacle courses but by about week 5 or 6 you won't find the phys that difficult.
By the end of it you will be complaining about the lack of phys in the programme, our div staff figured once you took out warm-ups you only get 6 hours of phys in the nine weeks.
Alright mate,

I finished phase one on Friday and to be honest you shouldn't be worrying about the phys, it progresses slowly over the 9 week period and you don't really notice it. With regards to the distances you run, it's fairly irrelivant. If you run at a slow enough speed you can run for miles and miles, run at a pace you're not comfortable with and you won't go as far.

After you've done your initial 2.4k run on the Tuesday, you'll be put into either group A, B or C (A being the fastest 2.4k times, C being the slowest). You WILL do 30 minute runs around the camp and the distance run will depend on which group you're in. For group C you'll probably do about 3 miles (which is bugger all in half an hour!), group B slightly further, group C further still.

You have to do phys while in basic training whether you like it or not, so look forward to it, don't be scared of it. You will enjoy it, you will definately get fitter, faster, stronger and you will lose weight. In 9 weeks I lost nearly a stone and a half and never felt better for it. :thumright:
So how many are now going to do a slow 2.4k run on the Tuesday and get into group C and do less miles on the 30min run?

Personally I will be aiming at group A as I feel I have something to prove at 35 years old. But maybe that's just me.
They'll be able to tell if you're loafing or not, they see it every day.
Don't put the effort in and they'll just beast you and put you into group A anyway!! Besides, you'd only be cheating yourself.

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