Fitness after completing the PRNC/RNAC


Just wondering now I’ve passed my PRNC and awaiting to join Raleigh which is (3rd of June) do I stick to the fitness I was doing already or ramp it up.

This is currently my new fitness plan
6days a week I do
20x4press ups
20x5-high knees
20x5-mountain climbers
20x4-leg raises
20x4-heel flicks
20x4-trunk curls
20x4-Russian twists
20x5-jumping jacks
20x4-heel touches
20x2-dorsal raises
1x3min planks
(No rest)
Biceps curls 12x3
Triceps extensions 12x3
Front arm raises 9x3
Side arm raises 6x3
Upright rows 6x3
Upright rows 6x3

Monday I do 5km
Tuesday 2.4km best effort
swimming Wednesday for an hour
Thursday 5km
Friday 2.4km best effort
Saturday just abs and weights
Sunday rest day

Any advice would be appreciated!


War Hero
Keep yourself as fit as you are now, you have achieved what the Navy require, no need to over do it and injure yourself now


Lantern Swinger
My advice, for what its worth: In a structured, controlled and researched manner, get as fit as you possibly can. There are a multitude of reasons for this:

The fitter you are, the easier you will find the physical aspects of any course you go on. That goes for anything from Phase 1 at Raleigh to AACC to Perisher.

Fit people think more clearly, have more enthusiasm about them, and cope with life's "knocks and scrapes" (both physical & mental) than unfit people do.

The DS will be able to see, from Day 1, those who've done the absolute minimum against those who've gone above & beyond. You will do better on course phys sessions and recover quicker if you are fitter than the minimum joining standard.

Overall, a mentality of "the bare minimum is good enough" is not one I'd recommend to subscribe to throughout your career, especially so at the start.