Just bought a shed load of fishing gear 'cos Grandson No.002
is right into it. Trouble is - it's been decades since I last did any.
Tried "casting" and nigh on ripped my bottom lip off with the
hook......or the line flies about two and a half feet in distance.
The bait falls off. I lose all the weights/hooks/floats and stuff.

Any keen anglers (Off piers or by the sea or harbours etc),
out there that can pass on some tips that will help me to
look a trite better than a total klutz with a fishing pole would
be greatly appreciated.

Supposed to be going "on the fish" this Sunday, and I don't
want to look like a f***ing nozzer again!

I thank you all very, very much,

Billy No-Friends-on-FaceBook.
Do you have any fields near you or a park? Reason I ask. I learnt to cast by just tying a weight to the end of the line and practising in the field behind me.

Did this for both fixed reels and multipliers
No fields to speak of round this location. Used to practice
with a hoofing great beach caster on the beach where I
lived long ago - could make it go for f***ing miles.

However, being out of practice for so long has made me
forget how to do just about anything to do with the noble
art of fish catching.

Cheers for the tip - will find a bit of Dartmoor where I won't
end up tearing the eyeballs out of little ponies and the odd

Also if you use a multiplier, something I find use full is a piece of old inner tube to put over the casting thumb when placing on the spool. It prevents burning the shit out of your thumb when you've hoofed one
If your fishing off a pier or wall then the last thing you want is distance. about five to ten feet from the wall you will usualy find a bit of a trough where all the fishies tend to hang out. Also if your down in the SW then the makkies should be about around now, so buy a few feather riggs, dip it in and pullem out.


Lantern Swinger
Because of the coastal erosion police, you're most likely to need to cast some distance off from the harbour wall these days otherwise you'll be snagged on concrete blocks.

I suspect from your post you've moved on from 'tiddling' within harbour walls and branching out into more choppy waters.

Firstly, always head out after a rough night as the fish will be disturbed and swimming about more. Second, as tommo suggests, you'll need a big field to hone your casting skills. I knocked myself out doing that on more than one occasion.

You could also get your little one melting old lead weights into new ones on the stove like me and my brother used to do. Although I suspect that's illegal these days.
type in sunshine fishing 6 see the beauty i caught out to see 5.70 kilo pollock, im the gourmless one reeeling the begger in, complete begginers luck i dont have a clue what to do!
My sea fishing days was a set routine--find what time high tide is
and also low water ----dig your bait -lug or ragworm at low water and fish during the incoming tide .

After high water and commence of the ebb you may aswell go home .

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