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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Munro Killer, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    I was looking up the Fishery Protection Squadron of the Royal Navy and I think I would be very interested in getting into this. But I don't know a lot about how one would actually get on this squadron, would you have to join as an able seaman and then apply or are there vacancies every now and again. I thought about joining the Royal Marines before but went off the idea because being a fisheries officer is what I really love doing and I didn't think an infantry role would really help exel my career as a fisheries officer after serving time in the RM. I'm very fit, not too far of RM standards.

    I always had an interest in the Navy, I'm from Ireland which could restrict my from joining. I'm also a little on the old side as I'll soon be 23, and I know that waiting lists are very long for the RN I've heard up to three years. So maybe this could be wishful thinking of me to think I might be able to get involved in this Squadron. I should be contacting the AFCO but I thought I'd but this out here in the hope someone might have some experience in this role or knows something about it. I think this would be perfect for me.

    I'd appreciate any replies, thanks for reading.
  2. Think that squadron these days (if it still exists) will be using rowing boats, and if very lucky, the powers that be may throw in an old 2 stroke outboard motor....:-|

    Seriously, in my day that squadron was made up mostly of Type 14 (Blackwood class) Frigates. You got the draft, you got the squadron. As to how it might advance your interest in Fisheries, I have my doubts.=(
  3. Thanks. I knew a guy who was in the Irish Navy, joined the fisheries after his service and got into team leader position. It's very unsual for this to happen. He served four years but his experience in boarding fishing vessels and dealing with european fishermen seemed to show he was capable for the team leader position. I think having something like this could really make an impressive experience on my CV. It's just something I've been mulling over lately
  4. Spent some time on them in the mid 80's ... converted trawler or similar design if memory serves! Spent most of the time chugging up the North Sea in and out of the Oil Rigs.
  5. Anyone out there remember "Wachful" and " Squirrel", two converted inshore minesweepers that did Fishery Protection in the early sixties.
  6. I was on the Anglesey doing fish patrol for two years. Loved my time in there. Used to have to be recommended for small ships back then now you don't.

    You could always put in for it but you're not guaranteed on getting it

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  7. You would join in your chosen specialisation (assuming it is one that serves in small ships) and then once you have qualified you would need to apply for service in small ships, be recommended (as you need the right temperament, aptitude, ability etc) (just noticed Tommo's post above saying you don't need to be anymore - he is most likely more up to date than me on that), and then possibly be assigned. Joining as a Minewarfare specialist or Diver would get you into small ships, but no guarantee of Fish Squadron.

    Rather than rowing boats, the River Class Patrol boats are primarily the ships on this tasking.
  8. And take note, the only Fish Officers are the OsOW, who have very little choice about where they go. You could request a Fish Boat for your first draft, but in general the needs of the Service will override your desire.

    If you really want to guarantee your choice of career, I suggest the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency would be ones to contact.
  9. I suspect MG maniac was on about the Island Class, designed after the Cod Wars to save having huge holes put in frigates etc, As you were on Anglesey you'll recognise the lines on this, its supposed to represent HMS Lindisfarne..I just make models now as they've closed all the shipyards round here so 1:1 builds are a thing of the past...Think the last of them are still serving with the Bangladeshi Navy (P300 is now BNS Turag) and apparently they love them. And they've just taken Dumbarton Castle and Leeds Castle as well.

    Regards Bry

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  10. The Island class did look like Trawlers in design. They were good ships and awesome in Harry roughers when you patrolled the trouser leg of the UK waters. Got some great run a shores around the UK during stand offs.

    The newer river class are far more luxury than the Island Class.

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  11. My first sea-training was Fishery Protection- Hms Mariner - Algerine sweeper- out of Chatham. My Introduction to 6 Meals a day (three down, three up),
    we were off Iceland Jan '55 trying to answer a SOS but two trawlers were lost with 40 men.
    The Roderigo and Lorella.
    I wouldn't return there for love nor money.

  12. I joined HMS Stork in January 1946, Stork was senior Officer with a four ringer, we reformed th F.P.S. after the end of WW2, it was a great job, the North sea was full of fish with trawlers and drifters galore. During this time we visited Norway, Denmark, Germany, France,Iceland,
    you name it we went there. I was Sorry to leave but I got a draft chit to a carrier.
  13. Do you mean the Fish Squad based in Portsmouth is what you want to join? You could easily end up in the Falklands if you do.

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