Fishery protection squadron


Can anyone give me some insight into what it’s like onboard an offshore patrol vessel? Any current info would be helpful ty in advance


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Can't help last time I did fishery protection, arresting the Spanish was in the late 1970's

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I went aboard a batch-1 when it was alongside recently.

It is no secret it is built to civvie standards so there are stairs not ladders, there is small-ship mentality (it is a little more relaxed in feel but dont get me wrong it is still RN). It isn't kitted out like a larger vessel, but it does what it is designed to do. Due to the UK Waters way they have historically been used, it is never away from the wall for terribly long so might be good for family orientated people but it TBC by the crew rotations.

Accomodation looks fairly generous, yes.


I’ve been asking around and have heard good things so far, will be great for me am 30+ with family at home. It’s my first ship so feel pretty lucky getting on a small vessel

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