Fisheries Protection en suite cabins

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by bumblebee, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Can it be true that the latest Fisheries Protection Vessels are being equipped with cabins en suite for the most junior of its complement? The young Officer in Command will, presumably in order to differentiate, have his or her cabin fitted out by Harrods. Gold plated taps perhaps?

    I understand Culdrose is now en suite and that the Naafi Wet Canteen has stopped serving scrumpy after the second dog. What is it all coming to?
  2. Cushy little numbers the fishery protection JR's and SR's all in 2 man en-suite cabins. beautiful, not like the good old Island classes, them wuz real fish.
  3. We must have realy roughed it in these babies :w00t:

  4. Is this the Royal Navy ? Surely all this could be done by civilians. You may remember the RN had a Rear Admiral Hydrographer for a hundred or more years then discovered a civilian could do it cheaply . No PO Stewards No L/Wren Drivers No grace and favour accommodation No uniform allowance No pomp and circumstance All gone for a fraction of the costs. Should we civilianise the Fisheries Protection together with the expensive use of RN and RAF Hi tech helicopters to rescue adrift surf-boarder off the Cornish and other coasts. Would that make economic sense? It would for this tax-payer.
  5. Respect
  6. Scotland has ran its own Fishery Protection for some years now and seeing as we hire our 3 River Class ships then it is highly probable that it will happen in the future, Yah boo sucks
  7. Not sure, you approve or not. As a taxpayer-- what is your view? Good idea or bad?
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bumblebee rumbled - used the phrase 'second dog'. GOTCHA.
  9. Hardships you bastards--You don't know what hardships are.
  10. I still think that fishery protection should stay with the RN but I also believe that the way the fish stocks are and our lack of powers thanks to Europe make it a bit of a dud. We need to get back full power and police our territory hard. this means being equally as hard on our own fisherman as foreign ones. its gonna get worse before it gets better.
  11. Bumblebee
    I think that every pussers war canoe should be refitted to give ALL serving onboard single on suite cabins. Poofters in relationships should be allocated double cabins, this would then give them an chance to make a few bob out of their straight mates who trap when in harbour by renting them out by the hour.
    Fcuk the expense, if the government can find the cash to let those non working members of the public with large families live in luxury they can at least let those who protect them have a little comfort.
  13. BZ Slim :thumright:
  14. Civvies would have issues in law when it comes to boarding vessels to carry out inspections UNLESS a specific force was setup and recognised so why not use whats already there - ie RN, RNR or CoastGuard ?

    As for rescuing ********* who decide to stand on a plank and go to sea, let them drown. Its about time these morons were charged for calling out Helicopters etc for such stupid things, like the idiots who ignore warning signs, get cut off by the tide or sink in the mud then cry for help - bill them and they ont do it again
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    High time the full costs of rescuing idiot landlubbers was recovered from them in full. That might make these yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Campari people splash out on insurance.
  16. I don't think we ever had it much easier than this in type 14's Bumblebee :thumright:

  17. Uhm, the RN still has a Rear Admiral Hydrographer. He's based at the UKHO in Taunton, Somerset. There is also a civvie Chief Exec alongside him.
  18. Bloody hell! It gets even worse.
  19. While we are on the subject of cushy billets what about those civvies in uniform onboard Echo and Enterprise. Never have I seen a branch more suited for civvy street than droggies, the RAF have the Met Office but hey they dont need uniforms then why should pussers scientists. Speaking as a bitter and twisted surface fleet rating who was drafted to a droggy boat as a HOD but asked not to be too nasty with the poor little SurveyRecorders, they wanna be special try being civvy, I am also now amazed to hear that they actually carry civvy engineers onboard.
  20. My word; a rare beast who speaks his/her mind. My heart warms to you.

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