Fish & Chips

No mate, this was something special.
Normally I'd agree wholeheartedly but this pub isn't a "Gastro Pub" by any stretch :) its also the village Restaurant.
Leatherneck said:
Ok, the secret is in the batter, which takes a good Ale, so much for America.

Thank you mates.
And in the frying, which must be done in beef dripping. And the fish, which must be cod, and bugger the EU!
Actually old chap, it's not the pubs; it's the fish and chip shops, known as the "Chip 'Ole![/quote]

Havnt heard it called that since we had a "coil oil"before we moved south when I was nowt but a lad. :dwarf:
The best Fish & Chips were served in 2J4 mess HMS Ark Royal 1976.
The frequency of the opening times depended entirely on the resident PO Cook. However opening times always seemed to coincide with his beer and spirits allocation being exhausted. Not a bad trade a pint for Fish & Chips :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Now I have tasted the delights of many a chippie, and the Bewdley Fish Bar is the best in the world. If anyone is anywhere near Kidderminster I would seriously look it up!

And is it weird that the best spag bol I ever had was in Shanghai?
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