First Wades into Scottish Independence Question

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by F169, Apr 15, 2014.

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  1. The First Sea Lord writes in the Daily Telegraph about how a 'Yes' vote will weaken Britain's defences. Scottish independence would 'damage' Britain's defence - Telegraph I always thought 1SL was supposed to be apolitical. His boss is as much Queen of Scots as Queen of England and yet he has made it clear he supports the Union. Will we now see pro-independence Scots RN officers putting the counterpoints in the national press I wonder or will they get trooped for doing so?
  2. He is probably 'Just obeying orders' as they say.............
  3. I rather think that Adml George is too much his own man to have strings pulled by some faceless twonk in Whitehall. I wish he didn't always look so startled in photographs, though; although it's slightly better than Adml Mark's numerous Rowntree's Fruit Gum boy impersonations.
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  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    That was very 'brave' of 1SL. The cybernats will be gunning for him now!

    Somewhat surprised to see such an open intervention on this issue by him.
  5. Interesting - both timing and message.

    Scotland has been more traditionally oriented towards to regiments, with infantry to the fore, but a good number from our bonny land have looked beyond their nearest town and chosen to join a Corps instead, or opted for the RN or (dare I say it) RAF which all have a less regionalised approach and work more as a "for the good of the service" mentality.

    For the 1SL to add his voice to the debate now, this is more a warning to the remainder of the UK on how the RN would be affected by reducing current capability even further, considering our global reach, rather than worry about rather more parochial approach of defence of the coastline which is what the YesNP seem more concerned about (as does most of their thinking). This message, from a serving sailor who is in the very best position to know what the current position is and therefore see what separation and a divvy up of assets etc could result, means far more than anything a polly like Hammond will come out with.

    It is really no different from our captains of industry who are making similar noises regarding their support for being "better together". However, they are maybe not so concerned about needing to be seen as apolitical so yes, from that point of view the fact 1SL has spoken out is a little surprising, but very welcome for continuing to ram home the message that united we stand proud, divided we may fall.
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  6. He is simply stating facts not opinions.
    A yes vote would weaken Britain defences, theres no two ways about it. Its not even a secret its just common sense.
    Surely his loyalty is to protecting the aims of his service not a political agenda, something he is trying to do.
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  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    F169 wrote
    It may be hard to see at first reading but he is not being political. He is at the Military / Strategic level and is pointing out the consequences of independence for the Service and personnel and those who support it ashore. He hasn't said, 'gonnae no go.' Nor would he, it's not his place and he knows it. And SoS or a minister would have likely given him permission to be interviewed.

    Good luck with finding such a beast.
  8. Sorry if this sounds a bit stupid, but apart from nuclear and missile submarines, what has the RN in Scottish waters on a regular basis? I seem to remember that twice in the last few years, when Russian warships were off the coast near Rosyth, the UK Guard Ship had to be sent from Portsmouth. Surely for a part of the UK with the largest coastline, surface warships are more useful than submarines. I don't have an agenda on this, just curious.
  9. They have promised them the dockyards, maybe they can build some.

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  10. I'm assuming you're adding the coastline lengths of all the islands in that statement?

    But to answer your question, MCMV's are based in Faslane.
  11. MCMVs, Joint Warrior, Frigates, Destroyers, Patrol Vessels.

    You know, stuff.
  12. Thanks for that. I'm still of the opinion that the RN doesn't have enough ships for all the tasks that it has been asked to take part in.
  13. You know that, we know that, it's call me Dave you have to convince.

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  14. I do apologise if you think what I asked was stupid. I just wanted to know what type of RN ships are in Scottish waters, as the map of deployed ships in Navy News doesn't seem to show much. Isn't Joint Warrior an exercise and the majority of the ships just up for the exercise?
  15. I doubt if Mr Cameron even knows we have a Navy.
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  16. He's got an aircraft carrier. Prob got told by the Air Lords when he scrapped the Harriers, "don't worry sir, if we get another Falklands we can stick Typhoons on there", fingers crossed behind their backs!

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  17. Sounds absolutely wonderful until the poor pilots have to land on the carrier deck and suddenly go, s**t. No arrestor wire. Damn the MO...glug, glug, glug.
    But seriously. wasn't there talk a few years ago of having Sea Typhoons ...for the Indian Navy?
  18. A mate of mine works on the Typhoon IPT and it was looked at, however the millions we give to India is not enough for them to shop in the UK!

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  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That's been the situation for hundreds of years. Nothing new.
  20. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Keeping to the defence theme, I was intruiged by Salmond's response to Hammond's take on what seperation would mean to the Scottish defence industry.

    One school of thought might be that if there was no longer any political requirement to maintain a ship building industry then MOD would be free to go to the market and buy perfectly serviceable hulls off the shelf, thus negating the requirement for expensive R&D and build costs.

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