First Tri-Service Continuous Attitude Survey published


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(9 July) The MOD has just published the first UK tri-Service Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS). The survey took place during the period Jul to Oct 2007. "Since then", says the MOD, "a number of the issues raised in the survey have already been addressed with the introduction of measures such as this year's 2.6 per cent pay rise, the £10,000 rise in commitment bonuses to £15,000 and the 1% increase in X-factor pay." Previous surveys were single-service.



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Re: Tri-Service Continuous Attitude Survey published

Are there morons in the MoD press office? A rhetorical question obviously, read this quote and think about it:

"The latest statistics show that pride remains high within the Armed Forces with 93 per cent of Army officers and 76 per cent of soldiers proud to be in the Army. Pride in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force is also high, with 84 per cent of RN officers and 62 per cent of sailors proud to be part of the Royal Navy, and 89 per cent of RAF officers and 69 per cent of airmen expressing pride in their Service."

So 38% of RN ratings aren't even proud of their service? I'd call that statement spin.

"Armed Forces personnel also have high levels of job satisfaction: 73 per cent of Army officers and 57 per cent of soldiers, 71 per cent of Royal Marine officers and 50 per cent of other ranks, 70 per cent of RAF officers and 50 per cent of other ranks, and 64 per cent of Royal Navy officers and 48 per cent of other ranks. There are also high levels of satisfaction with the medical and dental treatment provided for personnel, across all Services."

That statement doesn't even make sense but if it did it might say that 52% of RN ratings have little or no job satisfaction, come to think of it that might explain the first "statistic"

Some interesting reading there for someone, not me. Why have they made it so difficult to read this year? (rhetorical obviously)


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Only 50% of Royals (ORs) have any job satisfaction?
Jesus, tours on the taxpayer to warm and sunny places, all the ammo you can carry, firefights galore, pisspoor support from the general public and Government and abuse from civilian patients when you have the nerve to be in hospital getting treatment for your wounds.
What a pack of ungrateful [email protected]#[email protected]!!


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Typical MoD BSB - "Bullshit Baffles Brains", Chief - if the majority seem happy, Joe Public will assume that they've got it right, and think that defence is in the right hands. However, if 52% of RN Ratings ain't happy, then something defininitelty ain't working - this will be probably explained like the old dole figures - it's a "seasonal" thing. Will they follow upon this ? Won't hold my breath, but I was always cynical about the words "Defence" and "Labour" since the 70s.
We have had tri-Service CASs in the medical world for several years - so much so that nobody gives them much heed any more and you can guess the reasons.

The simple truth is that there are too many surveys and people are fed up with them. That would undoubtedly not be the case if there was strong evidence of action taken post-survey, but also the questions are usually pretty ambiguous. We are also expected to accept without question that a low percentage return rate is statistically significant. Well, not in common-sense-land it's not. If less than 80% of a captive audience such as the military respond to a survey, the results, IMHO, should be disregarded.

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