First time in the cab

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by off_les_aura, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. Did my first EOPs in the cab today and I was fcuking shite. Managed to kill the APL by forgetting to tell inboard to cut shore supply during a switchboard fire.

    Gash pipes - gash drills. :oops:

    Is everyone shite on their first go? Whats the worst drills you've ever done?
  2. once lifted an ecu after nightfliers.

    however nightfliers consisted off 12 baileys with rice boy down 6P maybe 6H

    which ever mess we kicked f*ck out of the glitter ball, snapped the cds, ate all the lemons, had a fight with the PO WSP.

    cant believe they didnt like us.

    how we laughed afterwards. definitely will miss that side of the RN
  3. Stopping the trim pump before shutting the valves...makes a bit of a noise onboard.
  4. man you SM boys know how to f*ck up.

    makes my dit about hp ground running a cab whilst pissed look tame. fact that i ran the wrong cab and that got fodded, ecu change etc etc was the icing on head combing, face rubbing SMR's face
  5. Yeah but it takes an ex-WAFU to REALLY fcuk-up!

    Nearly sank the boat alongside by forgetting to close the RCFW vent valves before opening the hull valves. Oops! :oops:

    Fortunately I only electrocuted my relief today instead of drowning the whole ships company 8O
  6. You are never going to sink the boat by leaving the RCFW vents open, unless the whole of the duty watch is pissed. In other words, you have a 2 in 365 chance of that happening. Oh, and your switchboard fire, the APL has to go past you. Only if he is a complete numpty will he not check on his way past that the switchboard is dead.
  7. Cheers JC, makes me feel a bit better. You ever screw up in the cab in the early days??
  8. Everyone does at some point. It's part of the learning experience. At the moment, you are completely in the dark, as I bet you haven't even got a clue what an RCFW vent looks like, let alone where it actually is, so its little wonder that some details get overlooked. I've often thought it unfair to stick people in SULMAT with no real idea about what it is they are actually doing, but that is the system we've got. I almost got shitcanned in there, but that's another story.
  9. Forgot I was pumping bilge tanks overboard and wasn't compensating, boat nearly broached somewhere up North but ship control got the bollocking :D


    the whole idea of the simulators is you make the fuck ups in there and not onboard where shit will really happen and people can get hurt.

    Treat the simulator as a game, 10p in the slot and see how far you can go before it goes pete tong, you'll soon go up the levels :wink:
  10. Mere amateur. Try an MG flood alarm whilst shut down and end up in emergency cooling. Now that really is a shite performance. Onwards and upwards fella!

    Have a nice day
  11. IDOITDEEPER's dit reminds me of the time in Devmat when I was on the RP for a panic stricken NCOW on his qualifying board. Started as an AW freshwater leak and rapidly degenerated into a full scram with complete loss of electrics (You'll like your first CLOE :D )

    Funnily enough he failed that time round.

    p.s. Just wanted to black cat :wink:

  12. Been there, done that!!!
    As you so rightly said, if you (a) lie convincingly or (b) knock off the pump quickly before someone realises what is going on, the blame can be diverted.......

    allegedly. :lol:
  13. Not a drill but a real incident. Taking shore cables of Virago. Electrical dept mustered on the upper scupper, Jan Dockie said shore supply was switched off.
    Killick greenie taking the big nut of one shore cable in the shore supply box grabbed the cable pulled it off the connection and dropped it on the deck whilst us lot pulled the cable across the deck the end of the cable touched the deck and a three foot spark shot in the air then this cable bounced across the deck as we all did a runner.
    Jan Dockie hadn't switched shore supply off!!
  14. I heard that you are great in the cabs its just when you are onboard that you turn into a cowboy.

  15. A nice little story, Pol. Ermmm perhaps you hadn't noticed but your dit concerns a long gone Skimmer (Type 15 & DC Shore supply, to scrap in '65) and these boys are all talking Nuclear Stuff - About which you have previously expressed a certain distaste...... 8O

    I'm sure they won't mind your two-penn'uth of old money though :wink:
  16. Those famous words "Simulator frozen,Chief BARNEYRNSM go grab a wet,you three muppets wait here for a de-brief on your cock ups!!" Still got my chuck up letters from FASMAT,how sad am I?
  17. worst thing ive done was going night blind in the bridge simulator at faslane and running aground as everything all looked the same - whoops. it was all black with dots on it!!

    done for real:

    draining down the voice pipe into the control room :oops: :oops:
  18. ........Launched the Seventeenth once :oops:
  19. The thing was I ain't got an effing clue wot they are talking about, so I'd throw in an old Navy dit!
  20. ..and here's me thinking all of those years I served that you sun dodgers got paid bucket loads of extra dosh for what you always tried to pass off as 'knowledge pay'!! Just a quick look at all of these cock-ups from what is a small representative number of submariners makes me think thank God I didn't take the extra Queen's Shilling! Theres' a lot to be said for Sun-Downers on the bridge wing at sunset in the West Indies - it's the only civilised way to travel! Diesel and Shale? No thank you!

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