First time having rash/ dermatitis


So I had my over the phone medical today and I declared that I had a rash or dermatitis 10 weeks ago which I think I have developed at work. I currently work in a factory where there are two substances which my supervisor said is more than likely the cause. They are very irritant and he said that lots have people have had the same reaction. The nurse on the phone immediately flagged it up and asked to see my medical history but said don’t worry to much about it. It’s the first time I’ve ever had anything like this and since clearing it up I have not had it since. I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life and although I did get a rash I’m still in contact with the chemical and I remain clear. When the rash did start it was a very hot day and I wear several layers of PPE mainly around my arms/ wrists. I thought that putting tubi grip over the rash would help but I did not think about all that sweat would make it worse. I wasn’t going to declare it but I thought it’s for the best. My girlfriend also thinks it may have been to do with the soap powerder that she was using. I’m pushing 24 not and wanting to become a marine engineer. If I have to wait 3 years I wouldn’t be able apply for the same job as I would be to old. Any advice would be great on how to go forward as I don’t want to fall at the second hurdle. Thanks.
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Be upfront at your medical.

From experience, I say; If it's something which is able to be cleared by creams / medications in the next short while before a potential start at raleigh, then don't hide it or try to mask it.

Your medical should be fine unless you've contracted aids or you crawl in with broken legs.

I have a seriously 'clicky' hip and also a funky rash type skin irritation on the inside of my thighs - which I treat with a steroid cream - THIS WAS ALL FINE.

Don't brick it and best of luck.


I’ve just been over thinking it for the last day. I’d have no idea what to do if I’m unable to get in. It’s all cleared up now but I did need steroid cream to get rid of it. How long ago did you contract the rash did I comply with the 3 year rule. I guess I just need to see what the future holds. Good luck, i guess the whole being to old thing gives me hope


Honestly, dont worry. I've had it three times and I went through the medical notes with the doctor at my medical appointment as well as the numerous broken bones, meningitis and nose-manipulation surgery (less than a year ago) and I was given the - "I can't see anything wrong with you" badge of approval.

You wont be too old in three years either - like I said, I'm 30 and only applied tot he Navy as ME (SM) in June.

You'll be laughing in no time. Are you just waiting on word of a medical appointment?


Yeah, the nurse asked to see my medical history with regards to the rash. I might not even be able to get to the medical stage if he thinks I’m unfit to join.
It just a very long time to wait. I hope that it’s all smoother sailing but from what I’ve read it doesn’t loook good.


I guess it’s just still a waiting game. I’m almost sure it was the substance at work, I asked my supervisor what outcome of coming into contact with the sealant/adhesive and he described what I had. The COSHH sheet warns of the chemical being irritant and should not be allowed to come into contact with human skin. The next time I get asked over the phone I will try and explain.


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You should be aware that many of the substances you can be in contact with in the RN can cause havoc with sensitive skin.


I’ve already been informed, however I’m still in contact with the chemical that i think set it off and I haven’t had anything in over 2/3 month. I guess we will just have to see how it pans out.


@Ninja_Stoker Any advice? Just got my “unfit for service letter” would it worth contesting and proving it was adhesive/ mastic that caused the rash. My supervisor at work said that every time the substance gets on human skin it has causes a rash to break out all 12 people on my section have had the same outbreak in the past.


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@Ninja_Stoker Any advice? Just got my “unfit for service letter” would it worth contesting and proving it was adhesive/ mastic that caused the rash. My supervisor at work said that every time the substance gets on human skin it has causes a rash to break out all 12 people on my section have had the same outbreak in the past.
Generally speaking, to successfully appeal, you'll need to have evidence that you are a mandated period free from symptoms or treatment without recurrence -usually a year or two.

Best of luck.
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