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First Stage

Evening All

I'm booked in for the initial presentation at the AFCO this Thursday. Want to start by saying thanks for all the information already on this site. I don't really have much left to ask as its pretty much all on here if you look for it.

I'm 28 later this month so am probably a little on the old side compared to some on here. I first toyed with the idea of joining up 5 or 6 years ago. Instead I met a girl, got engaged, got a steady(dull) job, bought a house ect. Anyway that all went tits up(apart from the job) and I'm now back to a point where I have no responsibilities/mortgage so I can go back and do what I should have done in the first place.

Obviously I would look to get a date for the RT as soon as possible. How long does this usually take and would bringing any documentation to the presentation speed this up in any way?

I'm looking to apply as a CT. I dont really need any information about it as there are some pretty good threads already. Obviously its dependent initially on a good RT score. I'm fairy comfortable with all aspects apart from the mechanical comprehension, which I guess is pretty common these days. Does anyone have any suggestions as to find resources related to this as the firemans link on the RT thread is dead by the look of things. If that doesn't work out I would look at either AC or something on Boats as that appeals despite being 6 foot 5 which would no doubt cause its own set of problems...



War Hero
Welcome to Rum Ration!

How long it takes to get a date for the RT depends on how busy your AFCO is at the moment.

In some areas, candidates are waiting 12/14 weeks to sit the RT; in other areas, they are only waiting 3 weeks. It's just possible that you will have done yours by Easter, but it's difficult to say.
Cheers soleil

Took three weeks to get a presentation place which i probably not the best sign. I'll see what the craic is on Thursday.


Lantern Swinger
I never had a presentation date thing. Just had the RT test first of all. Kinda came out of nowhere.
If it helps, it took me 2 weeks to get a date for presentation. was originally booked in for my RT end of january but got a phone call about 30min after leaving the office to say someone had dropped out for the following friday!

ive managed to complete everything in 2 month!

However still got 18month left to wait...


Lantern Swinger
I'm a CT and I like Fugazi too*. You'll be a welcome addition to the branch based purely on that. PM me if you want a lowdown on CT training etc.

*That is, unless, your name refers to something totally different. In which case, ram it :)
Thanks for the info guys. I guess I'll just wait and see what the situation is locally.

Jockgolly: Yeah it is a Fugazi reference. PM sent...
I've just realised how clogged up the belfast AFCO is, i've had 2 wait 5 WEEKS just for a presentation... god only knows how long the entire process will take :( i'm going 4 AET hopefully... any info on this????


War Hero
Well, the waiting time for AET is 16 months at the moment, calculated from the date of your RT, if that helps ......



I found the gcse Physics and Design and Technology parts of the BBC Bitesize website good revision for the mechanical comprehension section of the RT.

Good luck!



I just did my RT last friday passed :D but the best incentive to pass came from the fella at the AFCO 'If you fail you have to wait 12 month before you can re-sit...' well that certainly added pressure!! I was nervous enough!!
rock_chick said:

I found the gcse Physics and Design and Technology parts of the BBC Bitesize website good revision for the mechanical comprehension section of the RT.

Good luck!


Thanks for that rock_chick. I'll give it a look. Who's have thought that the BBC's decision to reduce the content available on it's websites would directly threaten the nation's security...

The La: Yeah Repeater is definately their most complete album. I'll listen to Red Medicine if I fancy something a bit more left-field.
Went into the ACFO today for the presentation. The CA was pretty honest about how long the waiting lists are at the moment. Submitted the application for the RT which they are currently booking for end of April/beginning of May. Not ideal obviously but it could be worse and it does me plenty of time to practise for the test.
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