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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by boxy, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. im in phase 2 at the moment training to be a sea spec, after going on a ships visit and seeing the small amount of locker space i will have i relsied that all my kit isnt going to fit into it, so what uniform do i take to my first ship.

    i know i need overalls and 4's but how many sets etc
  2. Speak to your Div LH. Or listen when you do your sea week, you'll be told everything you need to know for going on your first ship
  3. :roll: :roll: Take all your kit with you, as it will get nicked at an alarming pace, and whats left will fit nicely into your locker :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Do you now realise why you are taught you iron things A4 size for kit musters?

    You will be required to take pretty much all your kit you are issued with. Are you Phase 2 Raleigh or Collingwood?
  5. As above, this is the reason you are taught to iron/fold to A4.

    You will be surprised at how much kit you can fit in there. You just need good organizational skills. Plus, a compromise on how many civies and personal stuff you take.

    As well as a locker you get; a boot draw, an overhead locker and a smaller locker (for steaming bats only!). You can buy some stuff that makes the most of the small space you have, like shoe hangars for your locker and plastic tubs for your over head locker.

    Don't worry too much just yet about what to take on your first ship - concentrate on completing Phase 2 training. It's a steep learning curve upon leaving training!

    Hope this helps.

  6. fancy dress and a taskbook
  7. The task book of life!!
  8. Join boats. Then you can bin all your kit. Simples
  9. RFA Engadine (K08)

    Oh sorry not a question then?
  10. Only when we are dunking with 737 sqdn, Sea Kings from Osprey Embarked :wink:
  11. 810 Sea Flight, I was a Pt4 (86) went to Gib and back. Bay of Biscuits was rough!!!
  12. That's quite a long trip for a Woo :wink:
  13. Kid my first ship was the Ark, the old one and it was awful.
    And Noah was a bastard.
    The fcukin crew were a right load of animals.
  14. whatever you bring, just make sure you've sewn your name onto it all - otherwise as has been mentioned already, it'll be 'redistributed'...
  15. True, learnt a lesson from that one!!! :D
  16. You think it's bad now, just wait til you get issued your ice cream suit, shorts, stockings, deck shoes etc. Then you will have double the amount of shite to stow away. Not to mention the kit you will get on board, life jacket, anti flash foulies etc. If you are Bosun's Scrote in harbour you will also need to find space for some DPM kit.

    This is before you get ashore in a foreign port and get a cheap suit tailor made, buy some woodies, deployment T shirts and other gash gizzits that you have nicked from bars like pint glasses.

    You better learn to stow your shite correctly because if you do end up being a clusterfuck people will hate you and you will get beats. The last thing you want is some cnut getting up for the middle and crashing around in their locker trying to find their clothes in the dark because they have gash admin.

    Oh and my first ship was the Geordie Gunboat. Howay the lads.
  17. Thanks, at the moment im not too great on admin since Raleigh, but i did have a feeling that everything being A4 would be the answear i would get, if we have such small space on a ship then why are we issued with larger lockers at raleigh and wardrobes at collingwood i would of prefered to get used to the ones on a ship from the start.

    and i have been told that a chinese man will do your laundary if you pay him and its A4.

    also any more tips for my first ship would be very helpful.
  18. Dont gob off, do as your LHOM says and do it straight away. Most of all don’t drip because basically you don’t know any better.

    Vacuum bags for your civvies are a good idea you can then stow more in a smaller space.

    Only take what you absolutely need with regards to personal kit, but you will need all your uniform. If your first LHOM is worth his/her salt he/she should kit muster you within your first week to ensure you have the right kit onboard for the ships programme. That way if you haven’t got something he/she can advise you on what you need.
  19. Raleigh lockers are T45 size - Collingrad, God knows - probably because they haven't bought any new furniture since about 1953. You need more stuff when you're alongside though. Just bear in mind that when you're afloat you can't stash as much in your car. Well, you can, but it's like putting a nice big sign on the side of it saying "please break in to me."

    Take all your kit - yes it's a nause and I don't think I ever joined a ship abroad without paying excess baggage, but there is a reason why you are issued with a rezzie, etc, and you don't want to be the only one to find out exactly what that is when the sh*t hits the fan and you haven't got it. Apart from anything else, they'd just run you (if there was much left to troop...).

    Just treat it like being back at Raleigh for the first couple of weeks and do everything the way you have been told. The time for cutting corners and being a bit fly is not week 1 of your first ship. If you do, you'll only entertain/p*ss off your messmates whilst making life difficult for yourself.

    Oh, and for completeness, HMS NEWCASTLE.
  20. Also, bear in mind that most "Chinese" men these days are actually Gurkhas - so if you don't pay him, stand by. The one on Newcastle had legendarily broken a previous XO's nose in a dark alleyway...

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