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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cban, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. im still doing my training at hms sultan as a etme but i have to chose my ship very soon and was wondering if anyone knew what the best ship to join to get my task book flilled in fast , and generaly a good first ship to go for ?
  2. Yeah - like that is going to make any difference - pick the one u really really don't want :D :D :D
  4. I guess it is still the old "dream sheet" system. Always gives the office wallahs a laugh
  5. I'd be tempted to go for a T45 if possible. For a start you'll have decent accommodation, the kit will be new so hopefully fewer snags, and as one of Pusser's newest ships you may get the chance to get some decent runs ashore should the RN want to show off its latest assest.

    Alternatively, go for a T42 and stay alongside in Pompey. :thumbleft:

    Of course I'm fishing.
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm not too sure about this sort of thing but one without oars and sails seems to be the best choice. I hear there are lots of vacancies on HMS Pedalo.
  8. My first ship was RFA Engadine, think I had a shave with a bit of it this morning.

    There again we didn't have taskbooks so sorry useless info.

  12. Daddy's yacht :wink:
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There you go then. Did they also tell you that the first prossie is on the Andrew and that you cannot, in any circumstances, get arrested for fighting ashore if your hat is on back to front? What a whacky world eh?
  15. Ask for HMS Troubridge, a fine ship and no mistake.
  16. Hi Cee-Bee B (ban short for Banned?)

    This has to be a wind up??

    If are not really NAILZ but are really an already long-serving member of the RN since you entered, aged 17/18, in June I do I feel sorry for you, not having had Christmas at home yet.

    I wasn’t going to reply to such a bone question but, in view of your previous posts/questions/and your posts in this thread you will be pleased to discover that you now merit a few more severely unofficial RR flavoured suggestions.

    The Instructors, staff, ships company, leaders on other courses, etc etc should be your best source of information, unless you have already pissed them off with your previous mindless Q’s and your posts in this thread.

    So, Slap in for HMS SULTAN ships Co. You wont make a lot of progress with your task book there but it will give you more time to collect all of necessary crayons and you may find someone junior & dumber but willing to sharpen them for you. Jolly Jack holds that ‘Your last ship is always better than your current one’. As SULTAN will therefore become your ‘last ship’ you know it will be a ‘good’ one. Once back at SULTAN you should not have too much trouble finding your way around on your own - even after dark once you are allowed to be outdoors after sunset. But do not dare to go crossing that busy main road all by yourself just yet. Avoid using the Bridge. This is likely to deprive you of oxygen at that altitude and you apparently need as much as that as you can get.

    Ask a kindly local person to escort you to the nearest AFCO. When you arrive, in uniform so as to jump the long queue, the assembled recruity staff will be willing to listen to your questions before demanding the return of their Queens Shilling on the spot so do plan an escape route by asking your kind escort to wait outside throughout your AFCO interview. Your attendance there may encourage other potential recruits and thereby reduce the length of that long queue.

    Brace up, summon courage and, in turn: Show this whole thread to each of your Class mates, your Divisional Senior Rate/DO, the Barber, indeed to anyone else at HMS SULTAN. They should each provide you with colourful verbal advice & horoscoping. This will convey much more meaning and emphasis than mere words and smilies on any PC Screen.

    Clock in to ROMFT and ask for the specific advice of the famous ‘Mong-la-Piss’ as he has recently endexed at RR. MLP has considerable experience in fielding the more difficult Newby dilemmas such as your own.

    Alternatively, put in a specific drafting request to be drafted to the BRNC at Dartmouth; they are always seeking out those with your especial qualities for educating Naval Officers under training on ‘The Rating Intake of Today’. BRNC Senior UY staff will also lay claim your services for their ‘Spot the difference – New Officer versus New Rating’ training sessions.

    Final advice - as Nov 5th approaches – LAY LOW.


    I sometimes do serious: The result of my first DPC (‘Please can I have that new Frigate on the West Indies Commission, sir’) was a first draft to a stone frigate half the world away. But HMS Mauritius (W/T Station) did turn out to quite pleasant for that 18 months at your age…..

    The Best Of Luck and remember the adage; ‘them wots keen gets fell in previous, like’.

    Please do let us know where you eventually get drafted to, we love a running saga and they will need to be fully prepared, too.

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