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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by werqpr, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. How long after completeing phase 2 do you get to go to sea? and do you put in for the type of ship you'd like to serve on or are you put where your needed most?
  2. Entirely branch dependent, how long is a piece of string?

    The RN now use a system called JPA to do pretty much everything (badly) and you'll be given the opportunity there to state your drafting preference. Although it is only a preference, if you request Portsmouth but the RN needs people on Plymouth ships, you'll be going to Plymouth.
  3. yea like me, who wanted pompey but good old drafty sent me to Guz for shits and giggles :)
  4. I never had the chance to put in a preference for my first ship many years ago as you just went wherever drafty wanted to send you in days of yore.
  5. We had preference drafting. It's just drafty either didn't know what it was or preferred the pin in a board method.
  6. At one time, drafty out of spite was sending WEMs to the opposite south coast port. i.e. if youwanted Guzz, you got Pompey and vicky verka.

    Met many a greenie who had played the game and had got what they wanted by asking for something different. This may not make sense but me lunch is about to burn and haven't got time to re-read this as I'm orf sharpish ....
  7. Thanks for the replys people!!! sounds abit out of order to purpously send people to RN bases/ships they dont want to go, but then again you go where your told i suppose simple as that the Rn's intrests come before your own!!! couldnt you get around this for applying for a ship you know 100% docked at the port you want??
  8. In a word, no.

    You put in for a base port and class- ie, Pompey 42/Guzz 23, not "I want HMS Newcastle." (that's what Swop Drafts in Navy Nwes is for....)
  9. Understand that Waspie, I was more on about 'first' sea draft and I was not offered any preference for that at all. (HMS Cygnet by the way)
  10. I wasn't given a choice, I got put on ADAWS training and away I went on 42's. After first ship I always asked for GUZZ, however as I was ADAWS trained I only got 42's. I got Culdrose as a chosen shore draft then drafty forgot to tell me I was supposed to have left the ship to go on draft there. Then drafty forgot about me and my 3 month shore draft became close to 9 months.

    Then drafted to a Pompey FPV
  11. Ask yourself; what in life is 100%? The RN is no different.

    I found that asking to go where no one else wanted to go worked!! For me anyway. That way I got what I asked for.

    If you work on the premise of 'if you don't ask you wont get' At some stage you have to get what your after.

    Does that make sense to anyone? :?
  12. I asked meself but I've popped out I'll tell ya my answer when I get back!! :wink:

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