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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by steveo_2e, May 27, 2009.

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  1. i was just wondering wot u lot thought would be the best starter ship? aircraft carrier, destroyer or frigate?
    i thought an aircraft carrier would be good for a 1st ship as it would be huge and there be loads of new people to meet so always something going on?
  2. Ring your 'Draftie' up and ask may hear him fall off his perch, he may chuckle, or, he may tell you your fortune
  3. What navy are these people joining, why not ask them for a cabin with a sea view while you are at it. Get real its a fighting force you are joining not a cruise line. If you ask for a carrier you will get a mine sweeper, drafty like a good chucckle.
  4. Draftie always had a perverse sense of humour ask for a Frigate and you'll end up with a Carrier. Ask for the West Indies and you'll get Fishery Protection up in Iceland. Ask for a Guzz and you'll end up in Rosyth. Ask for Drake Barracks and you'll end up at Whale Island on a course being shouted at and chased around the parade ground. Call a GI chief and get a swift kick in the gonads. Why don't you ask him for a nice draft to the Med your more than likely end up in the Falklands counting penquins. :lol: :lol:
  5. I'd start off on the Gosport Ferry and work my way up from there!
  6. im not stupid enuff to think i could choose a ship im just askin as the chief at afco has told us she will want to know wot and why! and i cant really tell her i dont care ull put me where u put me? i just wondered ur thought as some smaller ships like nottingham u know most people if not all and the ark royal would have alot of people so ud be a face amongst many!
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Any chance of making your posts easier to read by the occasional use of capital letters.

    Whats the problem with telling the AFCO you don't mind what posting you get, you don't know what any of them are like so where's the harm?
  8. How about going back to school and learning how to communicate in the Queens English? :twisted:
    Your use of the language is abysmal.
  9. Thats where I started, but I worked my way down. 8O
  10. he dont talk good england like what we do does he.

    Skin if you fill in a "Drafting prefference card" no one will take the p*ss, I doubt anyone will understand it. :oops:
  11. It's irrelevant what you tell the AFCO, once your in you'll just be another name on drafty's dartboard. If he likes you he'll take the blindfold off first :lol:
  12. Oh, I think it's clear that you are, going by the way you write, stupid enough.
  13. jimmy green this is a chat forum therfore i don't think my punctuation and grammar need's to be word perfect, scene's you wish to be anal i think your statement should say have written as its past tense?
  14. I bet they don't fall for revserse psychology either and any requests for Endurance would be granted?
  15. Steveo, Don't listen to these retards. Do the right thing, put yourself in Drafty's Good Book, and volunteer for a nice, cigar shaped, black vessel with special tiles designed to fall off regualrly, a bridge mounted on a platform with another Bridge in the warmth below. These special boats are manned by strangely sallow faced males in white pullovers with beards, with a penchant for living like sardines amidst the oil fumes and other aromas that permeate these magic boats for Very Special Sailors: Drafty's Chosen Ones! :razz:
  16. I'm refusing to get on any ship that doesn't have a chinese lady that can massage you at the end of a long day at the spa.

    I also want a 52 inch screen in my cabin.

    I'd opt for 60 inches which is more life size, but this way when I'm watching porn my knob looks f**king massive
  17. I'm not taking any lessons in grammar from you. When I wrote my comment I meant it in the present tense because you continue to write like a four year old. While it's not necessary to be word perfect it is important to write clearly to enable you to be understood by the majority of users. It almost made my eyes bleed reading your posts and if you want to be taken seriously then put the effort in. I'm not the only one to comment on your poor English but I am trying to give you a bit of advice. The majority of users on here have been around a fair bit and weren't brought up with and don't like text speak, or the way that proper spelling is treated as an optional extra. We tend to consider it to be lazy and an outward reflection of your attitude towards other people not in your peer group. It might be worth considering how many have looked at your posts and thought "I can't read this shite" and ignored them, yet they may have been able to give you sound advice.

    And whilst I'm being anal, my name is a proper noun therefore the initial letters need to be capitalised, in fact let me help you...

  18. My bold above. Is the poster trying to say: "seeing as you"

    Blair:"Education, education, education" ...
  19. I do not think education is one of steveo_2e strong points.
    Now masterbation probably is as he is certainly showing himselt to be a right wanker in hois posts.
  20. That was the other option I considered but it's difficult to work out exactly what he means when he can't construct a properly written sentence.

    We all make mistakes, the odd spelling error, typo, misuse of words or punctuation, but this guy deliberately can't be bothered. If he'd said something like "yeah, OK, sorry about that, I'll try and make my posts better understood" then we'd at least know that he cared but he doesn't, he wants to blame others for his own lack of consideration. Who really wants to go out of their way to give advice to or help someone like that.

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