First Sea Lord urges protection for the Fleet

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Well Gordon will pay a lot of attention to that wont he.
  2. " I do not say the French cannot come, I say only that they cannot come by sea". Admiral Sir John Jervis, Lord St.Vincent.

    Well the way things are going, anyone can come any time they like....hang on tho.....they are aren,t they
  3. With both the First Sea Lord and CinCFleet died in the wool submariners I fear very much for the future of the surface fleet.
  4. Im off in four years, dont give a crap. Second rate nation doing its best to turn its first rate armed forces into an international laughing stock by underfunding and mismanangement. In fact it would be a joke, if it wasnt for the best of our lads and lasses losing their lives due to catastrophic american foreign policy.
  5. Labour are repeating the same mistakes Baldwin made in the early 1930s, and look what happened then.
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    ctfairway wrote
    Notwithstanding the nonsense of the notion of a 1SL and CINCFLEET that tribal - or strategically challenged, given the time it takes to design and build submarines...............

    Skimmers it is then!

    angry mac wrote

    Sounds as if you give a crap Mac.

    Not just American. HMG have bought in and are trying like hairy bears to convince us that the war in Afghanistan is to prevent bloodshed on British streets. (He writes on a Friday night :roll: ).
  7. Sorry I wasnt clear enough, couldnt give a stuff about the Navy, mismanaged since the mid 90s and is only begining to turn the corner. I do care about its people and our colleagues in the Army.
  8. The First Sea Lord will without doubt be Royally stuffed when the results of the ongoing Defence "review" (For review always read sweeping cuts) are announced. I believe the Green paper revealing initial thoughts will be out in early 2010. We are all aware that U.K. PLC is bankrupt, a result of the policies adopted by Cyclops whilst he was in charge of the purse strings. The MoD share of the pot is currently around £36 billion. Lots? No, just 2.2% of GDP.

    We have all witnessed the total and immoral disregard shown by in particular this Labour Government towards the Armed Forces. Lots of spin, very little positive action. The Armed Forces have absolutely no chance whatsoever retaining the money they already have, when we are led by a total and utter moron masquerading as the Minister of State for Defence. Maybe the "one eyed clown" has a game plan here?

    The rot for the Royal Navy firmly set in years ago and has been perpetuated by the higher echelons of our own organisation in that Treasury arguments have not been countered effectively. I might add that one of our leaders had before taking up the top post been seconded to the Treasury for two years!

    Gentlemen be under no illusions the Royal Navy is about to be shafted!

    Have a nice day

  9. Maybe one 'austere' carrier instead of two, Astute capped at 4, JSF/F-35 pushed back or even cut completely is my prediction for the next 'spending review' aka cut.
  10. Bugger :cry:

  11. There have been mutters for quite some time now that the 'Strike Carriers' could get cancelled and we will end up with one very large and fairly austere fit Helicopter Carrier to replace Ocean that needs to be replaced in the forseable future.
  12. I guess the QE class were too much to hope for
  13. we got to have a carrier of some sort italy now has two with spain following suit for a naval nation our navy is going to look pretty hopeless against that of some mainland european countries.

  14. Oh I think we'll get one, but it's going to be a very austere beastie fitted for but with just about nothing and primarily used for moving Booties about.

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