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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jay Jay 11, Dec 19, 2014.

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  1. My son is due to pass out of sultan in January and we have been told their are only 6 possible drafts available. Just wondering that happens to the reminder of the course while awaiting a draft, and with the next 24 passing out two weeks later is it not ETME overload? Trying to get information out of him regarding this is like pulling teeth. Thanks in advance
  2. It's not that he's not telling you, it really is because he generally doesn't know. Drafty is a witch doctor and it depends where the chicken bones land to where he goes?

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  3. After finishing Stoker training ,ETME to you , I waited 2 months before joining my first ship, as did most others.
    I had a blue card job as Revenge Block ( part 1 training division ) messenger and postman, a few other blue card jobs were available but the majority in Valiant block were on gardening duties. I assume it would be a similar set up nowadays.
  4. Thanks for that, it's a great help.....would hate to see him while his time away drinking and shopping
  5. Sailors are not renowned for their shopping sprees however the other option may attract more of his attention.
  6. Shopping in Emma's and Sultan Bop

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  7. All I see is a new designer jumper, coat or shoes.....he's been warned too give Emma's a wide berth ☺
  8. He'll soon spend most Thursday nights in there, before weekending on Fridays.


    Looks quite nice during the day, sober

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