First Russo/Sino/SA naval exercise set for November


The following article taken from Defenceweb, and not verified.
Written by defenceWeb - 7th Oct 2019

Come the last week in November, SA Navy fleet headquarters at Simon’s Town will be a hive of activity as three navies prepare for a multi-national naval exercise.
South Africa’s maritime service will – for the first time – host the Chinese and Russian navies. According to the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Directorate: Corporate Communications, the exercise will focus on “maritime economy, inter-operability and mending (sic) relations between participating navies”.
The exercise starts with “alongside planning and preparation before sailing to conduct a planned exercise at sea” the SANDF said in response to an enquiry. The Joint Operations Division “as the custodian of all exercises and operations in the SANDF is finalising a commissioning directive that outlines SA Navy – and other SANDF assets – that will be deployed during the exercise”.
As far as can be ascertained the tri-nation naval exercise will be called Exercise Deep Sea.
No further information about participating ships, aircraft and specifics of the exercise has yet been made available.
This is the only at sea exercise the South African maritime service will take part in this year as the exercises Oxide with the French naval forces in the Indian Ocean and Good Hope, with the German Navy, have been postponed. Indications are Exercise Oxide will be staged next year with Exercise Good Hope, at present, set for 2022. The rescheduling is by mutual agreement between the countries involved.
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Exercise Mosi will see Chinese, Russian and South African navies work together
from defenceweb report dated 21st Oct 2019
"Ahead of the first joint naval exercise between China, Russia and South Africa the main planning conference was held at SA Navy fleet headquarters in Simon’s Town.

More than 40 senior officers, including Rear Admiral Tskhui Yuzhong from the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) and Rear Admiral Vladimir Zemskov from the Russian Federation Navy (RFN) were present and welcomed by South Africa’s Flag Officer Fleet (FOF), Rear Admiral Bubele Mhlana.

The exercise, named Mosi, will take place at the end of November, some six weeks away. At the time of publication no information on participating ships, aircraft and other forces, such as marines, had been released.

According to the SA Navy website the exercise goal is to develop and strengthen relations and friendly co-operation between the armed forces of the three countries. The theme, agreed by all nations involved, is “Joint actions to ensure safety of shipping and maritime economic activity”.

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No idea where the name Mosi came from for this exercise, but it is the name of a Zambian beer, the name of which is derived from the indigenous name for Victoria Falls (Mosi Oa Tunya).

Rear Admiral Bubele Mhlana
He is a former Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) operative and joined the South African Navy in 1994. He assumed command of the minesweeper SAS Kapa in 2003
Umkhonto we Sizwe meaning "Spear of the Nation") was the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), co-founded by Nelson Mandela in the wake of the Sharpeville massacre. Its mission was to fight against the South African government.

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Rear Admiral Bubele Mhlana
He is a former Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) operative and joined the South African Navy in 1994.
His progress up the ranks is commendable for a lad from the Umtata Sail and Surfriders Association, but I read he has also done a course with the RN, the US Naval War College, and commanded two frigates.

Now it appears he is in the import/export business.

I've tried Zimbabwe beer (Zambezi, very cool and refreshing, when paddling down that river), but currently I'd prefer a keg from Breakwater Breweries to wash ashore at a certain set of co-ordinates.

As we say in those parts, "One Settler, One Beermug."




Article below from Africa Ports and Ships: 10/11/2019 (but no source quoted)

A number of naval ships from the Russian Federation Navy and the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China will be congregating later this month in Cape waters to take part in Exercise Mosi with the South Africa Navy.
Chinese naval frigate Weifang, due to visit South Africa later in November, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS maritime news. Picture: Wikipedia Commons
Top: The Russian Federation Navy missile cruiser Marshall Ustinov which will arrive in Cape Town on 23 November 2019. Lower: Chinese naval frigate Weifang, due to visit South Africa later in November. Both ships are taking part in Exercise Mosi with the SA Navy. Pictures: Wikipedia Commons

Exercise Mosi is due to take place at the end of November and in advance ships from the Russian and Chinese navies will arrive at Simon’s Town with a visit also to Cape Town – arriving at the Mother City from 23 and 25 November.

Spearheading the Russian flotilla is the Slava-class missile cruiser, MARSHALL USTINOV (Russian: Маршал Устинов). This vessel was laid down in 1978 and launched in 1982, being commissioned four years later as a smaller type of cruiser compared with other cruisers in the Russian fleet.

Accompanying the cruiser is the Project Sliva-class sea rescue tug SB406, which was commissioned into service in 1984.

An unusual and somewhat surprising vessel from the Russian Federation is the 12,700-gt ice breaker AKADEMIK TRYOSCHNIKOV (IMO 9548536), which is 134 metres in length with a width of 23m. The diesel-electric powered ice breaker from the Russian polar research fleet was built in 2012.

Another vessel which is also being mentioned to arrive is the VYAZAMA – we lack knowledge as to type or detail. A replenishment tanker or oiler included would not have been surprising – would this provide the answer?

Chinese Navy

It appears that a single Chinese Navy ship will be participating in Exercise Mosi, the frigate WEIFANG pennant number 550. This ship is one of the 054A -type, Jiangkai II class frigates and was built in 2013. Displacing 4,200 tons she is based with the Chinese Northern fleet and has possibly been taking part in naval patrols in the Gulf of Aden prior to her arrival in South Africa.

SA Navy

Among the SA Navy vessels taking part in the exercise are the combat support vessel SAS DRAKENSBERG and the Valour-class frigate, SAS AMATOLA. These two vessels will dock in Cape Town harbour with the others.

Arrival dates in Cape Town

23 November: Marshal Ustinov (cruiser), Vyazama (?), SB 406 (tug), Akademik Tryoshnikov (ice breaker), SAS Drakensberg (combat support ship)
24 November: PLAN Weifang 550 (frigate)
25 November: SAS Amatola (frigate)

Akademik Tryoschnikov. Picture: Marine Traffic, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

Akademik Tryoschnikov. Picture: Marine Traffic/ Anton Haas
SB 406 Russian Navy sea rescue tug, featured in Africa PORTS & SHIPS

SB 406 Russian Navy sea rescue tug

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