First Protector ship, HMNZS Canterbury, for June

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, May 21, 2007.

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  1. RNZN take delivery of a new ship, but what exactly is a 'Protector' ship?

    Work done by Tenix in Holland

  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Now is this perhaps a sign that RNZN is prioritising on a 'Coastguard' role with six apparently multi-role ships, rather than focussing on playing away from home?

    The first part of the voyage there is charted in Captain Ian Bradley RNZN's book 'Don't Rock the Boat' which I can thoroughly recommend for its history of the RNZN from the inside, from the 1950s onward.

    NB in this pic the ship does not yet appear to be fitted out (no radar, gun etc).
  3. in this pic

    It's at least a year old, uploaded to wikipedia in April of last year.

    Ship is in build at the time.
  4. Probably a ship to protect Whales!! With the Japanese whaling fleet. Sorry!!! I mean Japanese research vessels in the area.
  5. These are power projection platforms, limited organic weapon fit, a lot of linear metreage for vehicles. They're designed to deliver boots on the ground.

    Of course with two cabs and the RIBs they could also run area denial; embargo enforcement, counter narcotics, human traffic etc which would have a constabulary/ coastguard application.
  6. Is this thing seaworthy ?

    It looks like someone has used a giant set of lego bricks, I'd hate to be in a beam sea on this.!

    I rather think the Canterbury frigate I met in Fiji to be more asthetically pleasing to the eye.

  7. Huzzah, could only afford 2 of the 5 Anzac Frigates. At least with these Kiwi pongoes will be free from having to travel in clapped out Hercy birds to their next peacekeeping mission :lol: , oh apart from Kiwi branch of sshhh you know who, who have just returned to the sandpit, allegedly :wink: .
  8. Think of it as a modern version of an LSL, only without the beaching capability and with more support facilities. It's actually based on the same design as the IoMSP ferry Ben My Chree that runs the Heysham / Douglas route.

    Tidy little ship.
  9. That is one fuggly ucker of a ship. Still if you want to project any form of power these days I suppose a "Commando Carrier" is the way to go.
  10. See what you mean.......

    Ben My Chree on a rare trip up the Mersey 8O
  11. Unfortunately the NZ government has been running down the NZ defence forces for years. The RNZAF is now a transport service only, apart from a limited ASW capability, and the RNZN is being equipped with these transport /patrol boat hybrids. Although useful in these roles, the RNZN is losing the capability to operate in any meaningful way as a navy rather than a coast guard.

    The only reason they currently posess two ANZAC frigates is because they could not get out of the contract, although not for lack of trying.
  12. And there lies the future of the RN. The Kiwis have gone down the path of "we can't identify a threat to us as the minute, so we'll cut and cut and only buy kit for what we do now and in the foreseeable (five years or so) future".

    That is precisely the way the likes of Lewis Page would have the MoD work and the upshot would be a whole bunch of Strat lift Ro-Ro and very little else - some OPV to pretend we control our own waters for example.....
  13. "Project Protector" was a project to procure a FAMILY of vessels for offshore patrol and overseas support. I believe that Canterbury is designed to provide LSL type sealift and patrol functions whilst there will also be several (seven?) smaller OPVs procured to complement her.

    IIRC the competition was won by Tenix Australia.

  14. Pretty much sums up the state of the Fleet now IMO…

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