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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by markjamesbfc, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Hi, just passed my medical this morning. I am wondering if anyone knows how long it will be before my fitness test? I only applied at the beginning of May and have already done RT and medical so it seems fairly fast in comparison to others.

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  2. Hey! Not sure if its the same for everyone but in my experience i got a fitness test form in the post a few days after passing my medical. It then has to be completed in 28 days but you phone the fitness centre yourself to arrange when is best for you. If you dont feel prepared enough might be an idea to let your afco know, but all the best! What are you applying for?
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  3. Oh no I feel fine for it just curious. I was extremely nervous about the medical due to the dreaded BMI but it was all fine!!

    Applying for logistics officer AFCO said I could be looking at a September start all being well - that would be only 4 months after applying!!

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  4. Ah thats all good then :) i dont have ucas points so couldnt apply for officer and have nearly 3 years from applying to wait haha, so good that its quicker then that for you! Get the fitness bashed out as soon as the letter comes and well on ya way :D
  5. 3 years?! Wow what are you applying for? Ill be sure to get my fitness test done ASAP then get myself into interview mode!!

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  6. Writer, its my own fault im still waiting really, i planned to apply as soon as i got to uni but got a bit involved in the lifestyle so applied mid second year- not quite 30 months left anymore which is good though! Not sure how similar the interview is for officer and rating but i really enjoyed it- take in any questions you have as well as it is an excellent chance to ask them as you can imagine :)
  7. I would consider a new career having read that line Rachel.
  8. Upon passing my medical I received a letter within a few days inviting me to take a fitness test. On receiving this you then have 28 days to pass the fitness test.

    3 years seems a stupid amount of time, I started my application in October and have my AIB in less than two weeks!
  9. Yeah its a fair amount of time lol, but the application seems different enough between that of officer and rating for it to work out this way. As a rating applicant as long as you pass all of the selection process you are offered a place, so you can have a lot of people in the waiting game wanting a place at raleigh; whereas with officers they only offer places to a certain amount and there isn't the same option to hang in there and wait for a place, they just fill the intakes and the ones who don't make the cut don't make it to Dartmouth thus no backlog of waiters. Probably. Might not be that but that seems a likely option perhaps, and as SJRM said probably also that there is more of equality in the number of officer applicants and places maybe compared to that opting to enter as a rating. Either way its just the way it is, would love to be offered a place sooner but its not going to happen so just gotta wait it out!
  10. Fitness test passed!! Winner. Interview next!!

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  11. Well done :) make sure you do your research!
  12. Passed my interview. Hope to hear about AIB very soon.

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  13. Just received my AIB invite for 15th-17th September.

    Does anyone know about when you get an offer letter if you are successful and how long I would have to wait for a start date?

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  14. Well done mate, it all depends on how good your score is! For example, I got my date for this September intake 3 days after my AIB, someone on my board got his offer letter 2 days after AIB for the same intake. But I also know people who have waited a few months for their letter! Best of luck anyway with it all.

    P.S: Worry about passing it first ;)
  15. One chap at my AIB received a phone call an hour after his debrief saying that he'd been successful at the boarding. Mind you he was a medic so perhaps it's different for them. It took less than 24 hours for me to informed that I'd been offered a place following my AIB pass.

    To echo marshmallow's post - concentrate on passing AIB first!
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