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Hi guys, new to the site.

I have my Medical on Friday, and I'm a bit worried. I am about 6 ft and about 13 stone 11.

My question is, do you have to do a running test in the actual medical, and if so, what happens if you don't pass? Does this mean I will be unable to apply again?

I would also like to know what the medical consists of.

Cheers all,
You are required to run at a steady pace on a treadmill for the duration of the medical. This can make some of it a bit of a challenge - cough and drop, providing a urine sample etc. (if you accidentally urinate on the Doctor it really sets a bad tone for the rest of the medical) so get down to your local gym and start practicing.


I've said it before and will keep on saying it. A medical examination involves a medical examination. That's it. You cannot prepare for it. Worry about something else.
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