First Post. RT Tuesday

Hello Everyone.

I have been looking through this forum for the past 4 months or so to help me get to the stage I am at now. Just thought I would post my first thread :). Got my recruit test on Tuesday.

Wish me luck. Bricking it..
Thank you all. Yeah im going to read for about 1 / 2 hours a night about the history and current aspects of the navy also about submarines and the role i am going in for. Is there anything else i missed??
Ok thank you for that. Then after that its my eye test then medical. Then I have 28 days to complete my 1.5 mile run?

Just wanted to make sure I have the stages right as there is mixed info everywhere about it. They said if all goes well I could be in by December. I can not wait :)


Lantern Swinger
That's the RAF standard. RN you've got to run a bit faster than that.
Judging by the state of some submariners 28days is standard for us sun dodgers too! LOL!

Forgot to say good luck with the rest of your selection process

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