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I managed to find a similar post before but i cant seem to find it again so i have decided to post a question my self, basically i have my medical in about a fortnight, i had a metal pin put in my leg when i was 12 and im 18 now and it does not affect me in anyway and i have never had a problem with it as im highly active at the gym and play rugby 3 times a week. I realise this will come up in my medical and just wondering how much of a problem it will cause and if i can do anything to explain that is does not effect me or possibly get a referal to a specialist.

Also if they fail me how would i go about appealing the decision, as far as i can tell its not an out right bar to entry but i may be wrong but obviously hope that i am not. Sorry to be a pain asking two question and thanks for any help :)


You'll probably be ok but will likely be referred for a Service medical opinion. If what you say is true then you should be fine. If there's more to it (involvement of a joint etc) then it would depend.

Let's not worry about appeals yet. General info about appeals is a sticky at the top of the H&F forum.
Just had my medical today and failed for the pin in my leg because it is so close to my hip, im just wondering do i have grounds to appeal because i really do want to join or is it a bit of a lost cause and should i just not bother appealing cause i understand that there is guidelines for medical standards....
Hi i will assume that the appeal wont work even though i will try, could i get the pin removed and then would i be alright to join after like a year or two?


Getting the "pin" removed is major surgery and I'd be surprised if a surgeon would agree to do it. Sorry.

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