First phys in 18 months

I havent been able to do any proper phys other than walking up big fcuk off mountains in over 18 months. Today however I bit the bullet and went for a run over my local park for about 30 minutes which concidering long road to recovery was pretty bloody good!!

:) :)
wet_blobby said:
Good on you mate, sounds like you wont be joining the ranks of us old fat knackers just yet. :thumbleft:
Been doing phys for so long that its difficult to give up mate!! Once a Royal always a Royal i guess!!

As I said its early days yet but it will make my life alot easier when i do tha massive walk ins and winter days in Scotland and the alps in 2010
wet_blobby said:
Southern Alps? Now there's some man size hills for you buddy.
Yeah good training for Scotland mate!!! :D

Got a course in zee Cairngorms in Feb which should sort zee men from zee boyz innit!!!
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