First or Second??!!

josiecats said:
ok... in your own words.. explain and reason out

what came first the chicken or the egg.........
It can only have been the chicken, which may have evolved and its reporoduction system like a human would have been the egg

And the $eity theory

As no one other than $EITY can create neither can one destroy

Destroy a match (lucifer) you can not!
you may strike it and burn it to nothing, but you have not destroyed it
You have mearly changed it, it is now carbon, grind it up you have not destroyed it it is still there carbon, grind the powder down into the earth it is still there
You can not create neither can you destroy $eity

There must be a $eity

Jack McHammocklashing
The Josh can not destroy me only change me
I really wanted something deep and meaningful for my 500th post so cheers Josiecat.

The Egg of course comes first, normally with bacon and sausage, I mean who has chicken for breakfast?
In the beginning were the protozoa. Simple lifeforms that reproduce by cell division. No sex involved; poor buggers. Over the aeons, they evolved to higher life forms that still relied upon cell division but were, themselves, multicelled. At a particular point, reproduction became via an immature stage (comparable to an insect pupae or a pre fruiting mould). As the lifeform evolved, the initial immature stage took up the form of an egg. That egg would have been a preformed component of the lifeform.

The chicken evolved from that earlier lifeform so the chicken and the egg were a simultaneous event. Neither "came first"

Why not a simple one like who came first; the man or the woman? Many women know the answer only too well!
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Why not a simple one like who came first; the man or the woman? Many women know the answer only too well!
"God, God"
"Yes Adam"
"God can I have a woman"
"Certainly Adam, would you like her to be pretty"
"Yes please God"
"Be able to bear you healthy children"
"Yes please God"
"Be able to cook"
"Yes please God"
"To have big Tits"
"Yes please God"
"Long legs and blond hair"
"Oh. yes please God"
"Does not nag and will do as she is told"
"Yes please God I want one like that"
"Well Adam a model like that will cost an arm and a leg"

Long silence

"God what can I get for a rib"



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