First Night at Raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matt1993, Sep 16, 2014.

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  1. On my first night at Raleigh, what kit will i be given? and also, what is the usual routine on the first night?

    Expecting stupid answers (as always) but thanks anyway :)
  2. Wait until you get there and find out with all of the others.
  3. ermmmmm, ok? thought id use the forum to help get a bit of basic info, its what its there for isnt it...
  4. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It won't help you knowing what you're getting. You've no choice on colour or style.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
  5. I never got my kit until the next morning, however that was 1985 the world was slowing turning from black and white to sepia

    I wouldn't worry, just go with the flow, enjoy the ride

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  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Why do you need to know? Hundreds of thousands of people have managed it without having it spelt out in detail.

    More to the point, what happens if it doesnt go as you think - will you go - 'excuse me Chief, its 1956 and I note we've not yet done serials 3,4,7 on my RR schedule'?
  7. I instantly regret my decision to ask this.
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  8. You're learning young Padawan ;)
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  9. I'll help you out here Sprog.

    At about half nine (that's 2130 in Navy) the Chief will come round asking who wants Ki (that's cocoa in Navy) before bo bos. After Ki he'll make sure you all clean your teeth and put on your jim jams - not like those naughty Marines we saw on the telly recently.

    By about ten (that's 2000 in Navy) you will be a bit woozy after all the travel and the Ki, so the Chief will put the lights out for you. Make the most of it, as the other days might not be as easy going as this. Keep one sock handy.

    As it is now legal, if not compulsory - be VERY careful if you drop the soap in the showers.

    Hope this has helped. Enjoy your time in the RN.
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  10. haha very funny! had it all off my mates about the soap in the showers...
  11. So you have experience, 1st night will be a breeze

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  12. my choice of wording could not have been much worse there haha. Jesussssss :'(
  13. No it's not.
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  14. Gin at lunchtime is SUCH a bad idea..............
  15. About half 9, that's 23:59 in Naval parlance ;), the pipe down, tucker-in in chief will bring you round one of these:
  16. First night: now there's a thought. I remember thinking who the **** are all these Northern monkeys and why do they all talk so weird. Every one was a little nervous but once the weaker lads were picked out and the piss taking started up all was fine.
  17. I posted this in another thread some time ago. I've update it to concentrate a little more on the first night.

    I seem to remember it thus:

    Day 1: Turn up, get a haircut, do shitloads of paperwork and sit through about 10 lectures, experience the horrors of Traf Galley for the first time. There were a few back classees who showed us around and gave us tips. Stay up until about 1030 at night sitting in more lectures and filling out more forms. Go to bed. Spend the night lying awake excited / terrified / worried and ridiculously happy all at the same time. **** around a bit telling jokes to the other lads who you made friends with earlier in the day until the PO or one of the back classees shouts at you.

    Day 2: Early start, head to stores after breakfast pick up a massive kit bag full of stuff. Spend the day being shown each individual piece of kit - "these are your overalls etc." Spend the afternoon marking up the kit with your name, learn to polish boots, have some ironing and laundry lessons.

    Day 3: Change into uniform for first time, receive first massive bollocking for looking gash, first PT sesh, first basic drill and marching sesh.

    After that it's a blur. Everyday follow a similar format:

    Call the hands, make bed, shit, shower, shave, clean block, muster in the quad, brief inspection and bollocking, march to breakfast, finish breakfast, march back to block, go to first lesson (this could be drill, PT, fire fighting, lectures, assault course etc.), if you're lucky you may get a ten minute stand easy to grab a can of coke or something (goffer), march to second lesson, march to lunch, again you may get another 10 minute stand easy now, you'll have two more lessons in the afternoon, followed by evening scran, then it's back to the block for cleaning, ironing and laundry, this will take up your entire evening from when you finish scran until about 11pm, you may get a quick 20 min break in the evening to make a phone call at some point.

    Every week it gets a bit harder, the PT gets a bit more difficult, the standards you're expected to maintain for your kit gets higher and you get bollocked more often for ****ing up.

    Highlights include your first day of leave in Torpoint, a bit of Adventure Training at Piers Sellers or Scraesdon Fort, Firefighting, Damage Control and passing out.

    Low points include endless drill, dull as **** lectures, ironing and constant cleaning - do not underestimate the amount of cleaning and ironing you will do, I'm literally talking about 4 or 5 hours every single day.

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