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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by asagriffin, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. I recently passed my physcometric and now have my medical and interview next week.

    Please can someone give me some info on the medial ie. what kind of tests do they carry out?

  2. Using the power of the search function there are many threads that will answer your question.

    It really is that simple
  3. I did my medical MANY years ago but the basics are the same: lung capacity test (vitelograph or something like that lol), hearing test, chest x-ray (not sure they still do that), blood pressure, hear rate, up and down on couple of steps for few minutes, the "cough" test!!, but not much more. Most people I know that failed did so on the lung or hearing test and most of them had a dodgy problem in the first place so I wouldn't get too concerned. Blood tests too when I did it. Perhaps someone else can update you a bit better but hope this helps.
  4. Urine sample, Blood Pressure, colour perception, medical history review, hernia checks (ball fondling), hearing test/ear inspection, quick look at your nashers, joint stability/motion test, touch your toes test, weight/BMI check, lung check

    If you insist they'll check your ******** out for faggotry, and for a can of Special Brew you get a prostate poke. Happy days.
  5. Thanks for the replys, just wondering why they take a urine test? is this to check vitamins?
  6. Fuck off
  7. Are you taking the piss? (pun intended)

    Christ - do people think before they type?
  8. Is there something about the medical which is worrying you, asagriffin?
  9. No nothing is worrying me, just wondering what kind of test's they do carry out. I thought it would just be a normal eyes,ears,drugs test and blood pressure test.

    Didn't expect it to be lung capacity, urine test etc.
  10. You're joining the Armed Forces not the Peace Corp
  11. J J your response made me laugh so much :L

    Check for vitamins? not quite mate ;)

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