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I cannot if I am honest I have just been told that my interviewer Is quite keen on it, I think It has something to do with either weapons engineering itself or the terms and conditions, I am unsure if I am honest

I'm assuming that this is the role you are going for, jmck.

Print it out and read it and then answer the following questions on a sheet of paper.

What will you be doing?

What will your role be?

What will your pay and benefits be?

What will your initial length of service be?

What are your rights re discharge?

How long will you be expected to serve?

What is the Royal Navy's policy on drugs?

What will you acquire in the way of qualifications and skills?

How long will Phase 1 of your training be and where will it take place? The focus will be on discipline and teamwork. Name two specific skills which you will learn there.

How long will Phase 2 of your training be and where will it take place? This will be your specialist training. Tell me the 5 elements on which your training here will focus.

Which rank will you be after your first promotion?

Which rank will you be after your second promotion?

Extra questions.

What are the two new carriers called?

The Type 45s are ships of the Daring Class. Tell me three of them. What kind of ships are they?

HMS Richmond is a ship of a different Type. Which Type? What kind of ship is she?

There you go, that's something to be getting on with.
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War Hero
PS Print out that sheet saying 'Guidance On Preparation For The Selection Interview".

Get another sheet of paper and write out a short paragraph for yourself answering each of the points in item 3.


Hi I know this is a late reply and you might already know, but the PRNC isn’t taking place at the moment due to COVID-19 so all new recruits are going straight to HMS Raleigh.