First I have heard this

I heard today that on the medical at hms raleigh on the Tuesday you have a chest x ray. Why is this needed? Just curious as it's the first I've herd and I'm hoping to go in as an aircraft handler.
Well done for ur son Jay Jay, I go in 2 weeks so tryna find out as much info as possible about the medical as I hate going into things not known what to expect lol, could be true ninja lol only it would be the pigeons in Belfast if anything #flying rats


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It's ok. They're not screening you for wasps and pigeons. You are allowed to take wasps to Raleigh by the way. The RN Actively encourages keeping them as pets.
As your joining the RN, shitehawks are the preferred pet, pongo's use pigeons as it's the fastet way of communicating between units, especially if they're on Dii.
I went to the pet shop the other day to buy a pet wasp...the shopkeeper said "Sorry mate we don't sell wasps"...I said "But you got some in the window"!!

I thangyew!!!!


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Can't see wasp going as well with black pudding and bacon as pigeon does.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
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