First Field Exercise this weekend....

Discussion in 'RMR' started by TheRust, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Aiight boys,

    First field exercise this weekend, im looking forward to it.... i know its gonna be a test and ill probably feel down in the dumps on the Saturday cause ill prob get a crap sleep on the friday... but its all part of the challenge.
    I wonder what type of things theyre gonna introduce to us!? Yomping!? Speed Marching??

    Anybody else looking forward to spending the weekend away from your nice warm beds!?
  2. Yep!
    Bring it on!
  3. Generally mate (with most Reserve Units) your first field weekend is a bit of a camping trip. You will most likely have a short yomp into the field, set up a Harbour etc, but it will be non-tactical.

    As for Speed Marching etc...................You gotta learn to walk before you can run mate!! :thumright:

    I dont know the training teams program, but I would imagine you will get a short intro into basic fieldcraft:

    Harbour Drills
    Admin (bivvy construction, senty duties, personal admin in the field etc)
    NAVEX (Navigation Exercise)
    Cam and Concealment

    Just remember its a learning curve (albeit a steep one). Nobody expects you to go into the field on w/e 1 a steely eyed killer!!! Just switch on, look and listen at whats being taught and most of all, smile and enjoy it!!

    Good luck buddy & let us know how you get on.
  4. Shall do buddy! Cheers!
  5. You might find that you do a 4 mile speedmarch out of the field at the end of the exercise as the sooner your used to it the better. be prepared for it and you wont go far wrong.

  6. Take time in the AM to square yourself away, have a shave (Even if you don't need to you gorgeous piece of skin you), wipe the sleep out of your eyes(If you've had any shut eye that is!) and the rest of your dial with a wet soapy flannel, comb your hair (even if it is going to be under a lid of some sort) and polish your boots.
    Clean all eating utensils KFS mess tins etc and don't forget to clean the razor after use.
    You may not get beasted for forgetting/not doing any of the above this time, but it is a good idea to get used to sorting out your personal admin in the AM, so that when the pressure is on its not to much of an issue.
    Good luck, enjoy and learn.
  7. NB is spot on, you'll deffo do a relaxing 4 miler. Most is down hill too. But you'll be breathing through your brown eye anyway as it's your first time, and the troop will probably just miss the 10 minute mile target, because there will be some blokes all over the shop, some diving into to hedge rows with Oscar winning gurning, then getting a lift the rest of the way. Just DIG OUT BLIND, and don't end up in the biff wagon with the biffs. These are the blokes that won't be around in a few weeks.

    Picture the Ain't Half Hot Mum Concert Party on a speed march. That'll be you lot. But in no time, you'll get it cracked.

    You will also draw weapons and do basic drills, cleaning etc.. Field hygiene, don't get pinged to wash your spuds in front of the rest of the troop! Unless of course you are an exhibitionist, and are into that sort of thing, crack on. You'll do harbour drills, intro to the rat pack, cooking, cleaning mess tins etc.. On the Sunday morning you'll probably have a field inspection and watch all your gear getting flung into the ulu, as you are told 'off to a flank' for cardiovascular counselling.

    All basic stuff. Enjoy it. Listen in, keep your mouth shut. Don't be late for anything (you know the drill by now, 5 minutes early). And on the speed march, keep smiling, your getting paid and running down hill to showers and ablutions! Unless you have a bottom field acquaint. Good luck boys.
  8. Lads some really helpful information here, brilliant. Will deffinately know if im in the Biff wagon. Hopefully ill be alright.
    Roll on the Weekend!!
  9. rust i bet you biff it lol
  10. I know mate! At the moment ive got a bloody big blister on my foot, went on a 5 mile run yday. Hopefully it will be better by the weekend so i can run on it, but im in the Marines tonight, and without a doubt the Sgt will have us doing phys. Im gonna be a biff with my blister holding me back.
  11. ROFLing at that one!

    Should be interesting to hear what the first weekends like. Bring back some horror stories :rambo:
  12. Go and see the MA, and ask for the tinc benz treatment. You will also need a size 10 leather personnel carrier to bite on, and 4 strong men to hold you down. HTH.
  13. Are you using compeed mate? If your not, buy some from the chemist. Its like a clear padded plaster that goes over the blister and provides cushioning and prevention from infection. A great bit of kit for once you have blisters, however in time you will learn where the hotspots are on your feet and will be able to tape them with zinc oxide as a preventative measure.

    Also try a very thin pair of socks under your pussers socks (I use Bridgedales). That along with well cut toenails, plenty foo foo powder and zinc oxide tape, should see away most problems from rubbing boots.

    They will get better as they break in mate.
  14. Mate, more like 14 strong men!!!

    I had a severe blister on exercise once and one of the blokes suggested injecting what I thought was iodene into the blister, but it might have been tinc benz. Crack on said I :thumright:

    OHYAFUCKER!!! I hit the roof and about killed the lot of them. It stung like a barsteward but it did help the blister mind you :salut:
  15. God im looking forward to this. Whats the MA!? I dont wanna look like im slackin tonight when were doing phys, ild rather grit my teeth and do it than sit out and look like a biff. If i told the Sgt about my blister, would he try get someone to sort it out or should i just keep quiet.
  16. Unless its a serious blister (and by that I mean a hospital job - yes it can happen!!) then its not classed as an injury.

    The PTI will ask as always before phys "Does anyone have any injuries" - but it doesnt qualify mate. No point in telling your Troop Sgt but do speak to the MA (Medical Assistant) for advice.

    Look after your feet and do what you can for tonight - Compeed will help ease the pain when putting pressure on it, so definitely go for that.

    Here is a link to a Qualifications sheet, so you will have a good heads up on what the letters after the individuals title stand for.
  17. Cheers man, its not a hospital job, Just hurts when im joggin, it'll effect my performance tonight but ill just get on with it..... like a Spartan, never give up! haha!
    Cheers Spenn!
  18. Good effort mate and good luck.
  19. Good On ya, Just Crack on, seems like the right attitude the end of the day its only a blister and pain is only a weakness blah blah blah you know the score HARDCORE
  20. hahaha

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