First ever Everest Skydive

Discussion in 'Charity' started by skydog, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. In October 2008 I am going to be one of the first skydivers ever to freefall over Mount Everest. This is an extreme event and I am privileged (although some people may say I'm barking mad) to be able to take part in it. I have decided to take advantage of the publicity the Everest Skydive is going to be receiving to raise money for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. I have called this fund-raising endeavour Op Poppy Drop.

    The British media tends to report, sadly on a too frequent a basis, on the deaths of our troops serving particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. There needs to be more awareness of those returning from these theatres with life-changing injuries. The RBL is paramount in assisting and supporting these young men and women with their rehabilitation as well as providing support for those families who have sadly lost loved ones.

    You can help the RBL by making a donation, funding is required constantly not just on Rememberance Day. If you would like to donate or are interested in finding out more about the Mount Everest Skydive please visit the website at

    Thank you for your support :wav:
  2. I donated =]
    Was only £3... but im a skint teenager and every little helps!

    Your so brave for doing that!

  3. Drop zone at 12.350 ft ??? dont you mean Meters??? or will you be using picks and shovels :dwarf:
  4. I don't know what SkyDog means but I am sure that you mean metres.
  5. Thanks for your donation Topaz, skint teenager or not. We, and a lot of British servicemen are very greatful that you took the trouble. :thumright:
  6. The DZ is at 12,350 ft or twelve thousand three hundred and fifty feet. I think if it was metres it really would be extreme!! Did you find any errors on the Donate to the Royal British Legion page, particularly the link to the donation website?
  7. Everest is 29,000 + feet high so where does the 12,350 feet drop zone on the web site come from????
  8. I think it means the area where they will land is at an altitude of 12,350ft......

    I would love to do something like that. I've done a tandem at 12, 000 ft and that was amazing, but over Everest would be something else!!!

  9. AHH!!!! LZ now I get it :dwarf: Thanks
  10. I should have thought this will be extremely hazardous given the unpredictable, and at times, very strong currents above Everest - or is it only a problem with gliders?

    I'll make a donation when I return to blighty from Espania.

    Best of luck!
  11. Yes, it would be LZ in non-skydiver speak! Glad we got that one sorted out, I thought I was going to have to fire the wife for making a typo on the web page :threaten:
  12. Those of you who have looked at the website Op Poppy Drop will be aware that the skydive is an 'Everest First'. I admit that I'm getting on a bit now and not wanting to be the old wrinkly behind the yaks on the trek I have embarked on a bit of training. Being fortunate enough to live in a mountainous area in Spain I have the ideal location for some tabbing right on the doorstep. So it was that last Sunday me, Mrs Skydog and the furry dog set off. I reckoned on about 3.5 hours tab then a visit to the local hostelry for a spot of lunch and a few cold beers.

    It should have been a doddle, after all there were kids on the trail. What I didn't reckon on was Mrs S's navigation skills (I'll blame it on her anyway) and 6 hours later with even the dog glaring at me we eventually got to the pub. We missed lunch but by god were those beers welcome. :eek:ccasion5:

    Moral of the story, if the wife wants to go one way and the dog wants to go another....follow the dog! Sadly the dog won't be coming with us to Everest but at least I don't have to rely on Mrs S doing the trailblazing as we have Sherpas to get us to the DZ.

    Fundraising is going steadily but if everyone who had viewed the various threads on the Purples and ARRSE had put a tenner in the tin we would have raised over another £5k. Thanks to all those who have donated so far, please keep it going and tell your mates about Op Poppy Drop. The more people that know, the more money we can hopefully raise.
  13. It's now less than a week until I travel to Nepal to begin certainly the greatest adventure of my life so far, the first ever skydive over Mount Everest. I arrive in Kathmandu on 21 Sep where the organisers, dropzone mangement and skydivers will all meet for the first time. We have a couple of days in Kathmandu for briefings, kit issue and last minute purchases and then we fly out to Lukla and begin a 6-day acclimatisation trek, eventually arriving at the Syangboche dropzone on 1 Oct.

    On 2 Oct we will carry out practice jumps to familiarise ourselves with the oxygen system, specialised flying suits and the extra large canopies that we will be using for the Everest skydive. For many of us it will be our first experience of high altitude skydiving and the increased rate of free fall that the lack of air resistance will produce. And of course the freezing cold temperature.

    Then on 3 Oct, weather permitting we will be lifted above Mount Everest in the Brietling sponsored pilatus porter and jump at 29,500ft. It is going to be the most incredible experience to freefall past the faces of the world's highest mountains, deploy canopies at 18,000 ft and (hopefully!) land at the Syangboche dropzone at 12,350ft. It's one hell of a drop if you overshoot the beer line on this dropzone. :whew:

    As well as being one of the first ever Everest skydivers, I am also raising money for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. For more info about the Everest skydive and how to donate please go to my web site Op Poppy Drop. Have a look at the 'Reality Page', these are the lads who really need your help. You can also donate directly at bmycharity/oppoppydrop. Remember ALL donations go directly to the Poppy Appeal.

    All being well I return to the UK 7 Oct. I will be posting updates on the website, photos and videos when I get home.
  14. Great Work Guys!! I'm a good friend of Martin Preston, who was on this jump!! He loved it.
    For those of you who are not able to travel to Nepal, but fancy a Skydive for a forces charity please check out below.
    Fundraising Tandem Skydives are available with the Red Devil's for the 2009 season.

    The team are set to be working with over 30 Military charities funds & associations in 2009, with over 100 Civilian Charities also along for the ride.

    Total cost is £290 per skydive. (Of which a £90 reservation fee is payable at time of booking)
    Minimum average sponsorship amount set by the charities is £500.
    If this entire amount is eligible for Gift Aid at 28% the charity could receive as much as £350 for all of your efforts. The highest ratio of return available from any other suppliers.

    Dates & locations are posted below:

    Strathallan (Scotland) 7th May 8th May 11th May
    Strathallan (Scotland) 12th May 13th May
    Netheravon (Wiltshire) 26th May 27th May 28th May
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 9th June 10th June 11th June
    Dunkeswell Airfield (Devon) 23rd June 24th June 25th June
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 7th July 8th July 9th July
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 1st Sept 2nd Sept 3rd Sept
    Netheravon (Wiltshire) 22nd Sept 23rd Sept 24th Sept
    Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 6th Oct 7th Oct 8th Oct

    For how to book & further information please visit the teams website:

    Or alternatively visit the Red Devil's exclusive events partner's Click and Jump, who offer a one-stop shop for all of the UK's Dropzones, Group bookings & can assist with all your enquiries.

    Visit: or email: [email protected]

    Call 0800 345 7468

    By using a online fundraising page with you could increase the ratio of return for your chosen charity by over 80% compared to other suppliers. More information available on the Click and Jump website or directly through Bmycharity.

    If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it with the best in the business.
    It's as easy as falling out of a plane!!

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