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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gregleeds, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. So, I was wondering after phase two training I guess I'll be assigned to a ship. Do you tend to get drafted to one which is close to deployment to get some real life, on-board training done at sea or a ship that has a while to go in order to familiarise yourself with everything first or is it a case of wherever there's a place and what ever the navy says goes? Thanks guys.
  2. ....or is it a case of wherever there's a place and what ever the navy says goes?...That's about it.
  3. Yep ... Wot he said! Whatever ... just Enjoy!
  4. Thought as much. Cheers.
  5. Just remember when being assigned to ships etc that you'll never 'dip out', however, some may 'dip in' more than you!
  6. These old ******* haven't got a clue mate. Since 2004 all newly passed out trainees are drafted to whichever ship is doing the biggest deployment.

    Obviously there are only a limited number of places so some people (generally those who have faired less well on course) will end up on a ship that is only doing a Far East or West Indies trip, but as long as you aren't a complete mong on course, you and most of your class mates will end up on whichever ship is next in turn to do a global.

    It's also in the task book now that you can't get your star until you've crossed the line, so every effort is made to stick you on a ship that is going south. Obviously it's unfair if you don't end up on a ship that makes it past the equator and you could potentially sue the mob for breach of contract.
  7. For South read Falklands!
  8. Cheers deck dash, good info though I probably shouldn't have mentioned that I'm entering as a muppet? Does that change anything. I guess it'll change the task books with us not really crossing the line?
  9. Ha the only place you're going is Faslane and Barhain! Oh enjoy scrubbing 2 deck too as that is all you'll be doing as a muppet. Trust me.
  10. I had a draft to a guest house in Hartlepool, but thinking back;- I joined let the world see me. After two weeks in Viccy barracks I did part one and two in the middle of Yorkshire and my first draft was to Bramcote, Nuneaton in the plumb centre of the midlands. I think they were trying to tell m e something.
  11. I wasn't all that bothered about what ship I was drafted too. It was all a big game in the early days. It was only when I was stunned into reality when I was in my late 30's and civilianship was facing me did I start to worry about what was next!!!!

    How many jobs do you get that takes you from piss up to piss up, pay you and then drops you like hot snot at the end!!! But it was ******* good fun.
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  12. You failed to mention ditching in a Wasp?! I thought all Waspies went in at one stage or other?
    Moral of story: fly a twin engined Helo.
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  13. pmsl think Waspie got away without doing it in a Wasp!!! Ours didn't lol
  14. TB, when 'pinging I always harped on about 'Single Engine Safety' Only problem I had in a Wasp was a turbine stall during a wing over. Bertie Lamb recovered it rather well considering he had me screaming those immortal words "We're all gonna die"!!! The profits in the bar at RAF Gib went up that night!

    However in the twin engined Sea King!!!! Well lets put it like this I can why it had two engines!

    Because they didn't have faith in just one!

    Wasps are, (sorry - were,) the true Kings of the air!!!!!:king:
  15. True Scouse - two tours and feet dry!

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