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Discussion in 'History' started by Frigate34, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. 1959. HMS URCHIN, Jnr Stoker from Raleigh. Autumn weather.(gales) first cod war off Iceland. Coming off middle watch from the warm snug boiler room, had to go up on deck and climb into the sea boat(no warm/wet weather gear), to start the engine.......f*****g awful contankerous donk! ether cartridges and wanking handle. Not the easiest of engines at the best of times, but when you`re cold and tired and you want your hammock and it takes forever to fire up--you begin to wonder what am I do out here etc.
    Whats your memories?
  2. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    1951, HMS Indefatigable, after basic training at Victoria Barracks. What had I let myself in for? Running around the Flight deck with my lashed hammock above my head having had a 'slack hammock'.
  3. 1979 JOEM joining HMS Bristol on a bank holiday sunday in rig, thrown down 4J stbd greenies mess in the middle of a mess hoolex, LHOM showed me my pit and thrust a can in my hand and promptly lip locked me.
    Next morning (bank holiday monday) was turfed out of my pit by the dhobie wallah trying to get in and offering me free dhobying much to everyone elses amusement
    Dragged to the Mighty Fine for a DTS, a 17yr old grew up very quickly!!!

    If that'd have happened to some of the poor little lambs of today they'd be on the phone to claims'r'us quick as a flash
  4. 1st sea draft 1964 - as a baby of 16 1/2 yrs joining Albion in Gib on her return from FES.

    Taken ashore by the LHOM, walk into the first bar (The Universal) on the main drag, and see a bootie launch himself off the stage onto a group in the corner, where a punchup begins.

    Ended up getting rather peed on Anisette and beer .... such fond memories
    :thumright: :)
  5. Feb 1970, ATC Yeovilton as airfield messenger. This meant riding a Vespa scooter around the airfield delivering air orders etc. One day decided to leave scooter on its stand, start it up and whilst opening the throttle lean back and let the rear wheel catch on the ground and make a racing start. Needless to say I ended up flat on my back with a couple hundred pounds of Vespa lying on top of me. Very painful lesson learnt. ( Not the scooter but the CPO kicking my arse).
  6. 1971 - HMS Norfolk, JRO(G) 16.1/2 years old - first stop Gibraltar, first time abroad - London Bar with my sea daddies - drinking JC's as they looked like lemonade and didn't taste too bad - being offered for sale to some very ugly transvestites in said bar - having a crap down an alley with my trolleys by my ankles but still managed to drop my dump inside my trolleys, being sick - getting carried back to the ship on shoulders of messmates with one walking alongside wafting me with a palm leaf - fcuking headache and a half the next morning, to this day can't stand the smell of JC's - happy days though.
  7. 1984 - HMS Minerva - First run was Lisbon (Texas bar et al) then into Gib - Happy Happy Days
  8. 57/58 HMS Chichester newly commissioned frigate.Was in awe of the below deck Jacks who had stayed on after WW2.Listened to their stories,sewed on their badges for a wet of rum.
    They had it made with Od's like us,we did it all but I would not take any back.
    Food crap,mess deck crowded,watched in awe as fine salmon/beef etc went into the wardroom before tucking into my pilchards.
    Did not like the strict watchkeeping/no 9's for the slightest error but I loved the power of the sea.
    Coming from a born landlubber who had barely seen the see I thought it was beyond imagination.
    Still do.
  9. 1974 HMS Hardy. Day running from Portland. Thought i had gone to hell.
  10. 68..flew out to Singers to join FORTH as a Junior Stoker, Aft-First-Morn on blr front then 56 hrs off !!.....what to do, learn to water ski with either Flotsam & Jetsam the two speedboats attached to FORTH...or go and lounge around Terror pool...or go and sample the delights of Sembawang :thumright:
  11. In between Part 2 and 3 training in Collingwood I got a loan draft to Beachampton in Hong Kong. I was 18 and it was my first time abroad.

    I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!
  12. Sunday 1st April 1979 - Drafted from Sultan as JMEM to FMG HMS Cochrane - pre Zulu, Rosyth.

    MAA issuing travel warrant has a total head fukc and makes us travel Pompey to Rosyth in No 2's.... Road trip from hell..!!

    15 hours later killick ginger tw*t on Cochrane gate bollocks us for looking a mess...
    Piss wet mattress and sh*te mess...

    April fool...cheers master!!!!!!
  14. I was on the Miner5alpha then. I had joined the previous november while she was in refit. Which mess where you in?
  15. Portsmouth -first ship Maidstone to join with hammock and kitbag ,with respirator over shoulder and wearing burberry 1957 .
    The lorry couldn't get to Maidstone cos a caisson was out so was dropped off about half a mile from it.
    Started walking doing relays with hammock then kitbag . 50 yard stops .
    Left hammock and walked kitbag first leg . Turned round to get hammock
    and saw it being run over by a dockyard lorry --bastard . Dockies sense of humour heheh!

    One thing always knew my 'mick in the rack cos the tyre marks on it .

    Them was the days ----

    :nemo: :nemo:
  16. 3M Stbd - I was an RP
  17. Snap, Joined Bristol in 79 in similar cicumstances at similar age as a JREM and in the same mess, can't work out who you are from your signature, who do you remember from then? :afro:
  18. Fist draft was PT 4 Training on 706 Squadron at Culdrose. Got put in a 6 man mess with 5 Fleet Air Arm Field Gunners. I was a 17 year old fresh faced "Crap" drinker. Soon got that "sorted".
    Think it was the only reason I got through QM/QS as they were also trade sups on the Squadron.
  19. Check your PM's shippers the only JREM I can thinks is Tommo is that you?
    Blond and skin lol unlike me who ginger and skin
  20. 1979

    I joined the Brighton in Guzz whilst in refit, our first trips abroad were Cherbourg (with or just after the Fearless) and green as I was it was suggested (cajoled, threatened) to sample the local delicacy -l'escargots they were gross. Like chewing asweaty insole with garlic and cruncky bits!!!

    Then it was Stavanger, wher after our first RA we lost a writer (he decided to sheter in a railway wagon, got locked in and transported across Norway). If memory serves me was re discovered several days later having lost a few toes. Does anyone remember his name?

    A year or so later whilst in the med the other writer (DICK UMNEY?) got lost, AWOL only to returning some days later in a state of complete bewilderment.

    If anyone knows of Dick's (or the other one's) whereabouts I'd love to get in touch.

    Dont mention the snails, I still cannot stand the sight, smell or even the thought of them 'orrible beasties.

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