First domestic disaster of the (New) year!

01/01/12 at 0145 – first disaster of the New Year!

We had been out for a meal, then a big open air party, before retiring hurt, and coming home. I opened the back door to see some feathers. Stop, says I to Mrs S_B, the cats have got a bird............ moving from kitchen into living room I find – no, the cats have not had a bird, but the dogs have totally shredded a 1m square by 12cm thick leather cushion from the sofa, which HAD been filled with feathers. The living room was literally ankle deep (and more in places) in goddam feathers. :slow: My how we laughed.

Now, we had already cleaned the house through to save time, as were having 8 mates round for ‘the first barbi’ of the year this afternoon, so it was up much earlier than anticipated this morning to try and bag up the feathers, salvage the cushion and finish off all the barbi prep before the guests arrived at 1330ish. My how we laughed.

In case you are wondering, there are 120 litres of feathers compressed into a cushion that size, as we filled a 120 litre plastic sack! My how we sneezed........... :-|

So, any takers for a slightly used 1 year old doggy, some accident damage to port rear transom, in the shape of a size 10 boot............ :-D

Oh yes, as nominated driver, I was stone cold sober and was REALLY looking forward to sitting down quietly and having a wee snifter to see in the New Year. My how I laughed!!

Still, it could have been worse, at least I am home and safe, so Happy New Year to all our readers and especially them ‘away’ wherever that might be.
Whilst stretching out after a few wines et al, I inadvertantly pushed the coffee table knocking off a antique box.
Said box hit the wooden floor and broke off at the hinges.
Fortunately we have a cabinet maker in the family who can repair it.
Wife slightly upset but has forgiven me.
Trip to John Lewis arranged as penance.

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