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First deployment coming up soon, what should I bring?


Besides the obvious stuff (kit, clothes, wash gear etc) what are some things I should think about bringing with me on a ship.

I have been told that a laptop and external HDD are good calls, as are any sweets and crisp. Other than this can anyone tell me what it is worth bringing along with me


Lantern Swinger
I'm a chef but obviously I wont know where I am going until nearer to the time. I'm looking for more sort of generic ideas on what to bring with me as opposed to deployment specifics

I always bring a laptop as its pretty handy for watching movies, playing games, and listening to music aboard, and for taking into town to get wifi to sort emails/banking etc. an External hard drive, so I can swap stuff with friends on board. Also a kindle stuffed full of books (I like to read and it doubles up as portable music player). Bring all leads you need and an international multi power plug adaptor (for when you are ashore).

Sound cancelling earphones/earbuds that remove white noise, but still let outside sounds in (you have to hear the pipes and alarms on ship) so that the drone of the ships ventilation system is cut out, also handy for flying for the same reason.

Ontop of that clothes, your own and uniform will rapidly make you run out of baggage allowance. one of those little electronic scales can be quite handy to stop you paying excess baggage at airports (on the way to or from the ship).

Whilst on a baggage conversation, make sure whatever bags you choose to use you can carry by yourself in one go for short distances (crossing airports, train stations and docksides) and can carry without difficulty up narrow/steep gangways. The pussers black grips are not bad, but most of us end up getting something with wheels in the end.


If going aboard send yourself out a welfare package or 2 for goodies and toiletries, shoe box size is free with BFPO and the ships UIN will be found on joining instructions
Good call with laptop and hard-drive for movies to watch, uniform 1 set of PCS for cooks should be ok, you get your whites and boots on board and boiler suit for if duty, don't bring your black and whites/3's as you wont need them. Canoe above post is spot on
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