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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Taloolah, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Guys.
    Can you help out with a question please ?

    First date with a bloke. Is furry pink coat too much ? I don't want to scare him off, he's a quiet lad, very reserved and I'm about 60% opposite and just as tall as him.

    Basically, if you saw that in a train station coming towards you, would you mind ? Is it too much ?

    Honesty please and I need to know by end of day tomorrow.

    I know this sounds naff and have never asked a male about clothing before, I just usually get on with it but I've not been on a date in 20 years and am a bit nervous ( had relationships but not dating in a get-to-know-you-slow kinda way).
    T x
  2. He hasn't asked your coat out on a date :)
    Stop worrying ;)
  3. Pink is ok , dont worry , let us know how you get on , mmmmmm .
  4. If you are male the pink coat could be a tad OTT..and if he is shy a more gentle approach may be needed in order to secure the ultimate goal; honestly clean jeans and a smart shirt will be enough.
    If you are female then understand that a woman over 30 should NEVER wear pink..Barbara Cartland looked like a bad car crash or a Fanny Craddock recipe.
    As to your question - A pink furry coat heading down a train station platform will provoke one of two reactions; flight or macabre interest.
  5. To be quite honest I think a "Pink" Coat may be a bit "Loud" on a First date. Try nice clean trousers/jeans, white blouse and a good "Bomber jacket not forgetting black shoes
    Over to you and good luck mate x
  6. I think if you are confident enough to wear a fluffy pink coat the go for it!
    You should always be yourself above all things, and if you scare him off then he wasn't the right type ofbloke for you any way. Good luck!
  7. Be you. Don't let him think you are something you not.
  8. Many thanks for all your messages.... They are very kind and helpful....I am female, he's seen a picture of me, actuallyin the coat though this wasn't intentional.....I can understand the Barbara Cartland fears, but honest to God, I would never, ever do an entire outfit in pink.

    Thought about it partly for practical reasons as well- it's the warmest coat I've got and it's bloody freezing. He wants to go to 'Funny Girls' in Blackpool so I'm a bit cautious all round myself....(said I like colour but not dresses on men)......anyway, I shall sail forth- and dondon, will let you know the outcome.
    Many thanks guys and be careful wherever you are,
    T xx
  9. Just about to say that the pink coat was OK if it matched the rest of the outfit as a joke and then you tell us that you are a girl meeting a bloke!

    FFS! Have to think all over again!

    If you are meeting a bloke, then what is (or maybe is not) under the pink fluffy monstrosity is probably more important.

  10. Well, seeing as you're going to "Funny girls" (still the drag karaoke/show bar in Blackpool??) I should think you could dress like RuPaul and get away with it. He cant be that reserved unless he doesn't know whats in store for him, but if you're tall and handsome/rugged the "ladies" make a beeline for you and drag you up on stage at some point. Tranny magnet.....
    Still, fur coat, no knickers, sounds like a good night out.....
  11. It is the very place in Blackpool my sweet, first time visit so should be cracking...

    I AM tall but not remotely 'rugged', born female, remain decidedly so

    There is no cross-sexual, cross-dressing thing going on guys.
    I am a girl and he is a boy ( please God) and that's that.
    A PE prison officer to boot....still, a job doesn't always say everything does it...?

    We are meeting in the afternoon as I've never met him before so bit safer...

    It's a short pink coat, and he has just emailed to ask me if I'm wearing it in order for him to recognise me at the station.....only worrying thing is that , on his profile ( dating website) , said he'd been on the Weakest Link and DJ Zoe, the 'Funny Girls' main pull has too.
    They are both blond.
    Sooooo .....the mind's ticking over.

    Underneath Said Coat, decorum itself, with matching briefs, but that's par for the course anyway.
    I am sure all will be well. If not, I shall simply leg it. x
  12. Oh aye, understood.....with you on that one, especially the glittery variety. I haven't 'done' pink lippie since I was 14...No, the coat is the only pink thing happening. Cheers guys ( and ladies) x
  13. Depends how well the date goes I guess :p

    Seriously though I think you should just go with first instincts, if something as trivial as a coat has such a huge effect on the date then maybe second thoughts need to be had, but hey, see how it is! Hope it goes well.
  14. If that is what the chap is expecting then go ahead and wear it. I suspect you may get on very well....

  15. Look forward to it , would love to see you in pink coat , mmmm
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Who cares what you wear on the first date? So long as you put out... :twisted:
  17. I'd say as long as he's not a Quasimodo lookalike he's quids in. Pink coat, isn't that Dogging code for 'Shags like a bunny and partial to anal'?
  18. Excellent!! I loved the place, went on from there clubbing till the next morning.....

    Uh, yeah, I did mean him in "if you are" but I can see how it doesn't scan well.......with someone else getting the whole gender confusion thing going. I miss Mark n' Lard with "Bird or Bloke?"

    Crikey!!! So he IS a cross dressing DJ!! I always liked the Madonna one that did the "Erotica" dance to "Justify my love".

    Oh come on....rule 1, this thread is useless without pictures!!!!! :w00t: Of the fur coat that is...... How did it go then..?
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Maybe in the clubs you go to... 8O
  20. And what's so bad about the Blue Oyster Club pray tell?
    I see you in there often enough!!
    But back to the subject, it all depends, if Rose McGowan was approaching me in a fluffy pink coat with a look that said "Take me NZB, you balding old coot."
    I would have to consider my options.
    As for Talloolah the verdict is still out and will be until verified phots are received. Like most of the bints on here she's probably a munter.
    Plus she blind dates Prison Officers, couldn't she pull a Regulator?

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