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HMS Mohawk,(Captain Stanley L McCardle), though not mentioned here, was the first ship to take up the Beira Patrol. The three patrol lines were originally named after ex-girlfriends of our (RAN) Navigation Officer. I was one of 3 Midshipmen in Mohawk. I can't now remember the exact dates, but we were based at Mombasa, and were actually on patrol during the World Cup semi-final; England v Portugal. At that time a Portuguese (ex RN) frigate was in company, ensuring that we didn't enter their territorial waters. (Capt McCardle had served in her as an Able Seaman when she was RN!)During the match the two ships sailed close alongside (as if a RAS) and the match commentary was played on the ships speaker systems, in both languages. With the cheering, (or otherwise!) ships' companies manning the sides, it was as if the game was being played in the ocean between us
Hope you remember the run ashore there.
I was on Troubridge on patrol off Beira mid 66, we were in Mombassa in the British Club for the Final. Then back on patrol when the Portuguese were due to air drop us a film of the Cup Final, they dropped it in the sea never to be seen again.
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