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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by rogerthecabinboy, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. here's an interesting thread;
    whats the most unusual creature you have ever given E.A.R. to
    i will start off with-
    garter snake. :roll:
  2. Should the sexual deviants not be in Diamond Lils?
  3. is that now legal along with everything else except repremanding someone!!!!
    where has all the discipline gone
  4. I've heard it called a pyjama python, a trouser snake and all sorts of other names but never a garter snake - did you mean to 'come out' so publicly?
  5. Whats E.A.R.?? Thought they were stuck on the side of yer head?! 8O
  6. i have been often axed if mine were painted on lol. :twisted:
  7. There was a girl I met in Cornwall when based at Culdrose. It was "Floral Day" in Heston back in 1985, I remember it as if it where yesterday, she was a very unusual creature. I still carry the mental scars and have nightmares. I've never mixed Scrumpy, Mead and Guinness ever again. She gave me E.A.R.!!!!
    Sorry, I can't go on ........ the thought .............Help, Mum.

  8. "Floral Day" ,mmmmmmmm , what was her "Lady Garden" like , come on we wont laugh ,
  9. Full of overgrown weeds and a died up riverbed with dead fish

  10. So she never looked after it then , uuuuuuurrrrrrrggggggg, love it when it's nicely trimmed & kept clean & tidy , mmmmmmmm , 8O

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