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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by foxy3, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know how the First Aid certificates we do as part of the RNR match up to the civilan "First Aider at Work" qualification?

    Is there one that is equivalent that I could just show to my employer to become a First Aider at Work - after all I may as well use the skills if I've got them.
  2. Speaking as an ex British Red Cross FA Instructor. A civilian employer would require a FAW certificate from either the Red Cross, St Johns or Scottish equivalent. All employers have a legal obligation to have a percentage of the work force FAW qualified. (It used to be 5%, uncertain of the figure these days.)

    After leaving the RN many moons ago as a helicopter aircrewman on a SAR squadron, I assumed my FA certificates from the service would count for something. Wrong! I had to sit each course from Basic FA to Ambulance Technician to become an instructor with the British Red Cross. The only thing that got me the job was my experience. Rare as that is these days.
  3. The course at Raleigh is fully accredited and lasts for 3 years, I just had to do my first civvy course since leaving, nowhere near as detailed as the pussers one(it was only one day) I dont suppose the rnr course is as detailed as the Raleigh one though
  4. There is no 'RNR' course; they do exactly the same Level 1/2/BATS/BARTS(?) course as the regulars.
  5. BARTS hasn't existed for years.

    BATLS is a predeployment trauma course, not first aid.
  6. Yes - RNR same course as RN; certificates state the courses are HSE accredited.
  7. At Raleigh you do "Elementary First Aid" which is a course approved by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency.

    The First Aid course you do after Raleigh, known as "level 2," gives you 2 certificates:

    A military one; "RN Level 2 First Aid Course." (CBRN 23)
    and a civvie one; First aid at work course.

    I believe that if you produce the civvie one and show it to your employer you get a small increase in your pay, happy days, if that is safeguard
  8. I just showed my employer my certifate, they were greatful of the money i saved by not senting me pn another course.
    If the sh1t hit the fan, i'm sure you would just put your FA skill into action, without worryin any certifcate

  9. At Phoenix the courses are also recognised by the MCA, though the certificate is only given on request
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...only if you are due to leave the Service within 12 months of conducting the course.
  11. I got the MCA one as well when I did the first one back in 03, very useful when applying for a commercial Yachtmaster endorsement.

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