First 48 hours at BRNC, what to expect?


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Might have been an individual GI, although I do remember that whilst we were told to go down on one knee, we were also told what kind of **!$%**!*!***!!$$ that would make us.

Culture change over time I suppose.


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Naval_Gazer said:
Do you still have to bull your parade boots (i.e. polish till they gleam like mirrors) and use the back of a warm spoon to smooth out all the little dimples? You rub in tiny circles using a dab of polish on a damp duster and have to have the right type of spit - some people's is too acidic. It takes ages to do but it's a skill learned for life.

In the day's of cadets, we had one who passed out at Passing Out. We all groaned inwardly as he was dragged away with a person under each arm and his highly polished toe caps trailing across the parade ground - all that work gone to waste. Turned out he'd broken his jaw in three places but that's what comes from fainting to attention. It's the only acceptable way to do it!
Once you pass out buy some jacobien oak varnish, put maskers around the welts of your boots and at the end of your toe caps. Your toe cap must be fairly smooth...drip the varnish onto the centre of the toecap with a matchstick, its a long and labour intensive job but over the course of a fair few hours you will end up with a sparkily sheen of smooth, evenly coated, you cant beat it, never to be polished again dont think booties polish there toecaps before going on parade in blues do you?....just keep your toecaps covered with that second special sock between wearing them and they'll last for 20 years..

as for fainting on parade...only did it attention after a night out with the US seals...the buggers....broke my nose and the CSM was well chuffed because no one had fainted on him before...the nurseys at poole hospital or wherever it was I ended up where lovely as well.... :p
And all this time I thought those kneeling Guards at Trooping the Colour were just retying their laces. They should have wriggled their toes more.


P_O, dont know if you can clear this up for me but do you get a letter confirming that you have passed the medicals or not? I got contradicting answers at AIB and dont really know who to phone about it.



Right guys answers to questions.

1.) I had to wiat a while after my AIB medical to be declared fit due to potential allergy problems, meaning they had send letters to my GP and the consultant etc, All took about 3 weeks give or take. Had to have my yellow fever jab to check it wouldn't kill me. Took about 4 days to get a confirmation form my GP to the Navy Docs but after that was declared medically fit in the 30 second sit took them to read the fax.

2)Any questions about your medical ring them the rates who answer the phones are very helpful. For the number if you ring the AIB(number on top of all you invitation letters) and ask they will give you the medics number no questions asked.

If you weren't told that you passed your medical on leaving the AIB the Navy Medics will send you a letter to confirm your results(at least they did with me

3) I rang the navy recruiting guy(number on the letter that confirms you passed the AIB) about 15 mins after getting a confirmation from the medics I had passed. Because i want to be a submariner warfare officer, as my first choice and goal all along, they bit my hand off and offer me the next intake they were recruiting for June 11th. But you need to ring the guy not wiat for a letter to arrive. At least that is my understanding

Good luck guys, anything else i can help with let me know(though i only have my experiences so it may be of limited use)


P.s. So is the bromide in the squash to act an a sedative or to prevent erections? :lol:
blimy, I only passed the Medical on Thursday, so couldn't tell you about any letter yet, but I think ml2sjw answers it all. Best of luck to him at BRNC!

It would be really helpful if ml2sjw could give us a good idea of the militarisation phase if he ever gets some free time!
ml2sjw said:
Will do if i remember, Although i really doubt i will get it done until my first bit of leave,
Thinking like an Officer already, nice one bud!

Seriously though, best of luck in training, and don't worry if you don't get the time!

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