First 48 hours at BRNC, what to expect?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ml2sjw, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. Well my joining date for BRNC is fast approaching, Just wondering what i should expect to spend my first 48hrs at BRNC doing?
  2. EMA's,or Early Morning Activities.If you get a choice go for the Gym Work!
  3. From dim and very distant memories, extreme culture shock, hard physical work, insane CPOs, all I can suggest is to 'go with the flow' if they say jump, you jump. After a bit it will calm down and you may even see some sense in it all.
  4. Bless! And I only thought they were features of the G Spot! :lol:
  5. 5 meals a day! Best thing about Dartmouth.
  6. And you thought only they were allowed all the fun.
  7. Pick up kit
    Pick up books
    Start polishing furniture and cleaning rooms
    Getting shouted at for no apparent reason
    Hear the "there's bromide in the orange squash" story for the first time
    More shouting
    Learn not to call a MAA "Sir"
    Meet you intake mates repeating the refrain "What's your name, where d'you come from, what spec are you"
    More shouting
    Learn that it is possible to tick-tock
    Wonder why the hell you signed that contract...
  8. That's only what they'd like you to believe, it were tough in them there days, walking 15 miles in neck deep snow, uphill both ways yadda, yadda, yadda
  9. Or, indeed, Chief.

  10. Wondering what the hell you got yourself into.

    Then being so busy and tired you don't have time to wonder that anymore.
  11. thanks all,

    quick check,

    MMA = Master at arms

    correct form of address "master" ?

    Finally what insignia does he/she wear on their uniform to differentiate themselves from normal "chiefs"?

    RN website is no good
  12. The branch badge is a crown, worn on his (or her) lapels.
  13. ml2sjw, how long did you have to wait between passing your medical and finding out if you were successful in getting a place at BRNC?

    Its just I passed my medical yesterday, now I've got to wait.
  14. Or a nice big "watch" on his cuff when not in No 1s
  15. sorry for jacking the thread but.....
    P_O Howlong did it take you to receive your medical results after AIB, mine was in late October and still nothing :S dont know if thats long or not??? (aircrew btw dont know if that matters)

  16. Good point, I've just got this perpetual image of the Joss, on the parade ground at Dartmouth, in No1s, just after I'd called him Chief.

    Learned remarkably quickly
  17. Do you still have to bull your parade boots (i.e. polish till they gleam like mirrors) and use the back of a warm spoon to smooth out all the little dimples? You rub in tiny circles using a dab of polish on a damp duster and have to have the right type of spit - some people's is too acidic. It takes ages to do but it's a skill learned for life.

    In the day's of cadets, we had one who passed out at Passing Out. We all groaned inwardly as he was dragged away with a person under each arm and his highly polished toe caps trailing across the parade ground - all that work gone to waste. Turned out he'd broken his jaw in three places but that's what comes from fainting to attention. It's the only acceptable way to do it!
  18. The Surgeon Commander told me straight away that I was passed as fit for Warfare, it may take longer for Aircrew. There is more to go over I think.

    But the best thing about the whole Medical process was sitting around for ages in those bloody short green Dressing Gowns!
  19. I thought MMA was Militant Medical Assistant! :D

    MAA = Joss = Master at Arms = Master (try to avoid asking him if he's related to The Master on Dr Who!) :lol:
  20. That instruction was in place seventeen years ago.

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