Firms told to help smokers kick habit

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. If my old CHOPS got the lads to give up smoking, who would he cadge his fags off?
  2. very true-- very true!!! :D :D
  3. Be a good idea if all were to give up----be a good exercise for Brown to make up the shortfall in taxes recovered---soon make some of the non -smokers drip!!!!
  4. Listening to the radio on the way to work this morning, the muppet from NICE was on about employers treating the clinics as training to help their employees...

    So now an employer has to pay for someone to stop smoking, how long before they have to pay fro alocholics to attend AA, druggies to get their treatment, gamblers to get their help etc...etc...etc...
  5. yet more time off for smokers 8O 8O
    in addition to the extra breaks then get to go feed their habit!
  6. make them all wear nicotine patches and no extra breaks unless non smokers get to disappear every 5-10 minutes to go breath fresh air and have a cup of tea.
  7. The RN could encourage our smokers to quit by not subsidizing DF ciggies. How can we encourage the younger sailors to quit when they get their fags much cheaper than their civvy oppos?

    The initiative to give smokers paid time off to try and quit is valiant but would never work. Can you imagine the drips from the non-smokers turned to when their mates get the afternoon off to try and stop smoking? This after years of them sloping off to the QD or jetty for a 10 min break every hour or so.

    The RN is quite pro-active in encouraging people to quit but as always it is will power and the desire of the individual to really want to give up that is the dominant factor in success.
  8. yep, as a non-smoker, I ready get abit narked at tabbers disappearing for a swift tab, every five minutes. Is their habit so bad, in which case they need real help, that they cant wait until standeasy? Giving them payed leave to recover, thats just unfair. I agree with Gunz_45, surely under the 'duty of care' blah blah a start would be getting rid of subsided tabs!
  9. I have a cunning plan! I'm going to tell em I've taken up smoking so I can blag some extra leave to give it up! :D
  10. Yet another stupid idea from the people who wisely spend our tax on those who will not work.
  11. All very well, but where is the Chancellor going to get his millions from when everyone has packed up smoking ?

    Oh, I forgot - increased taxation to pay for the loss of revenue!!

  12. He will probably increase death tax - the only guaranteed payment lol
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Talking of smoking, we was in Scotland last year, some of my lads were sat in a van at a set of traffic lights having a nice puff on a ciggy when a cop car pulled up and bolloxed them for smoking in a work place !!!!!

    Obviously no crime needs solving in Glasgow then, this malarkey comes to England in two months time........ 8O

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