I had a very surprising conversation with an old ex Bootie while on the piss the other night, who claimed to have served 15 yrs in the Corps and was posted on 6 ops in that time. The most surprising thing was that he claimed to of only been in 2 firefights in his 15 yrs while on ops.

(maybe he's full of sh**, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt anyway)

So this got me wondering; how many can others claim to, in their time?

(purely out of curiosity of course)
lukep said:
Im sorry mate what do you find doubtful about his record then?
I dont doubt his record. I was just surprised at how many firefights he claimed to of been in. I thought 2 in 15 yrs was quite low for a bootneck.

Dont get me wrong, I'm in no way being judgmental; personally I just found him to be quite reassuring, as I'm obviously yet to experience my first.

(except for that one time when I left the chip pan on) :dwarf:
You got to remember mate From Op Corporate through to Op telic which is 21 years yeah the Corps was still on plenty of other Ops but fewer than say 5 percent of them guys in that time period could probably claim any contacts. A guy whose been in the past 5 years has proffed massively reference trigger time to his predessescors who joined after 1982. Im not taking anything away from the lads who served in NI, OP haven,Kosovo and seirra leone etc. " 2 contacts in 15 yrs aint low mate its plenty.
This is going to depend on the nature of ops during any individual's career. Ask anyone recently returned from 40's H7 tour and they'll tell you that you could chalk up 2 in a week.

I think that's missing the point though. Everyone craves their first that's only natural, but the accepted rationale is to be careful what you wish for.


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A school friend of mine who joined the Army about the same time as I joined the RN (21 years) has served all over the world with his Regiment, and had only fired a dozen shots in anger. Until he went to Afghanistan - where he has fired thousands in the few tours he has had there... 8O


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Ive been in nearly 11yrs and served in NI, Iraq and Afghan, never been in a direct contact. It very much depends on what unit you are in and what job you are doing at the time.

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