Firefighters on strike on Bonfire night

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Rigsby, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. It would be interesting to see what percentage of LFB are members of the FBU.
    I would argue a good proportion of the fire fighters aren't members. Coupled with the 21% of 'neys', business will probably carry on regardless; though stretched somewhat.
  2. I suppose they are a little nervous, after all the fire service did not assist in 1666 and look what happened then.
  3. It looks like the Fire Brigade has been infiltrated by the French......bad news all round
  4. Best I get down the shed and dig out the stirrup pump.
  5. Quoting from the news ten days ago...

    "The brigade has drawn up contingency plans for dealing with a strike, adding that it can no longer rely on support from the military with their green goddesses as happened in previous disputes.

    The authority entered into a five-year, £9 million contract in June 2009 with AssetCo to provide London with a contingency level of fire and rescue services during any industrial action, natural disaster, severe pandemic illness or catastrophic incident."
  6. During the Fresco in 2004 (which was stood down as personnel were training at Moreton-in-Marsh because the strike was cancelled) the military personnel were going to use the local Brigade's appliances and not Green Goddesses.

    The only advantage of using GGs was that they are all identical so the appliance you use for real is equipped, loaded and operated exactly the same as the appliance you trained on.

    I don't think lack of GGs is the reason the Armed Forces haven't been stood up for this strike.
  7. Threaders, I would've loved to smash in another Fresco. My Fifa skills haven't been the same since the strikes in '02.
  8. My eldest son was on the last strike based somewhere up north. They used firefighters clothing and de-commissioned civvy engines, not GG's.
    Having driven a GG myself on a previous strike they are useless for any form of rapid response, got mine up to 40 mph once 8O
  9. Downhill? :D
  10. I know the feeling.

    Perks of owning a 306.
  11. :twisted: :twisted:
  12. As an ex firefighter I would guess that a very high percentage are union members as it is an "opt out "choice when you join.It was almost 100% on my last station.
  13. Out of interest, how were those who don't join, treated?
  14. I never saw any difference in treatment by , or too any one who wasn't a union member.Saying that I was never involved in a strike.We came close on a couple of occasions.As I recall the FBU will only recommend strike action when there is going to be forced redundancies and I have to confess I havn't followed this story closely.I will do some digging and see what info I can find.
  15. Those who are not union members are always happy to accept the benefits that have been negotiated for them by the national executive. :evil:
  16. Exactly.It is/was/will always be a bone of contention that non members recieve the same benefits although they have not lost anything by strike/work to rule or whatever action has been taken.
    In fact an employer will sometimes give preference to non union members as they think they might cause "less trouble"
  17. V8Topcat

    I would hazzard a guess that 'all' employers would rather not have a Union representing their members of staff.

    moving on and away from V8 Topcat - a general observation -

    I would like to point out the irony in the Fire Brigade Union voting to go on strike on the 'busiest' day/night of the year, Bonfire Night

    So, put yourselves first and everybody else can go burn in hell/their own back garden

    The Fire Brigade - the ?th emergency service (provided that it is not on the businest day of the year when we will all be out on strike - so you will have to sort yourselves out)

    Gotta a 'sick' type of ring to it hasn't it? So, that should liven things up a bit!
  18. I have to agree.Although proud to have served in the Fire Service it is slightly tarnished sometimes. Whilst I am right behind any one fighting for their jobs it seems pointless to antagonise Joe Public who after all are paying the wages but I would also say that the press don,t help the situation. There are always two sides.
  19. Unless they can do a better deal with their employer, themselves, they have no choice but to accept the union driven deal. They do save, by not paying, union dues. So everyone wins.....neat eh?

    Unions are a great ideal, so is communism....but they do have serious problems

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